About us

No corporate buzzwords and claims to change the world. We are just a humble start-up with these simple goals –

  • Make investing simple and rewarding for everyone.
  • Make compliance & business services accessible and affordable.

We are an organization that’s truly Indian and we are inspired by our rich Indian values. So, here is our commitment to you – 

  1. No Commission: any of our advise, business or financial is never backed by any commission. We do not and will never receive commission from anyone.
  2. Right Incentives: we don’t and will never incentivize our sales team to sell more. We as an organization don’t sell products, we are focused on building relationships. We never do a sales call nor will our advisors induce you to buy our services.
  3. We aim to be India’s trusted legal & investment consultant. We aim to grow with you, not by feeding on you.
  4. We know what you are thinking by now, but we actually follow our value system. These are not here to decorate the page.
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