Pranjal Kamra Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned value investor. Novice entrepreneur.Aims to create the world's biggest bank.
Priya Jain
Chief Creative Officer

Occasionally excellent. Mostly lazy.Dreams of managing an elephant sanctuary.
Aditya Sharma

Still learning social skills. In love with travelling.
Urvi Kotak
Financial Research

Excels at excel,keeps the team disciplined.
Panjul Agrawal
Finance Content Creator

Her lunch box is legendary.Diamond chips and snacks supplier.Very Kanjoos,Barely gets it for us.
Devashish Vishwakarma
Creative Director

His creatives work like magic! The most loyal Zomato customer. Hates making changes.
Upma Sahu
Sr. Web Developer

Don’t go for the name, go for the enormous IT skills and talent withheld.She bakes the most delicious websites with her magical ingredients.
Swati Rajoria
SEO Executive

kid by heart and an enthusiast by nature. Loves candies and coke and works with supreme dedication and enormous zeal.
Kirti Pimpalgaonkar
Asst. Mgr. Customer Service

The “Munnabhai” at Finology that works only in the interest of Customers, making sure they get the best deal. Biggest Hritikh Fan.
R. Rutiran
Account Assistant

Works while listening to music, extremely talented and hardworking Polyglot with amazing typing and translation skills! Special talent: gets injured almost every day!
Anubha Agrawal
Sr. Web Developer

Super talented IT Manager, kills all the bugs in the website in a fraction of a second!
Pratiksha Mahawar
Business Development Manager

“The Crisis Girl”! She can fit into any role and excel in it. Our most diversified employee.
Shikha Rohra
Legal Content Writer

She is humorous, (over)smart and dedicated. Drinks tea hourly, half-hourly, minutely according to her moods. She is the foundation of our Legal Team.
Antra Mahto
Sr. Executive Customer Service

People’s person and a true relationship builder.Loves perfection, yoghurt & cleaning! USP: Giggles throughout the day.
Ratan Deep Singh
Mgr. Brand Communications

A wordsmith extraordinaire! Makes all the content enthralling,well-knitted with his witty sense of humour & storytelling.Loves Eating & Hates travelling by trains.
Simran Joura
Exec. Social Media Marketing

creativity and laziness go hand in hand. Jovial and kiddish, tends to brighten our social media with magical ideas. Still in search of her “Raj”.
Chandni Agrawal
Social Media Manager

Pro at getting things done, all the more at not doing it on her own. Is trying her best to avoid getting married.
Mohit Malviya
Senior Graphic Designer

Calls himself “Tiger Bhai”, is yet to recover his dues from his last employer. Takes care of the company graphics and keeps our social image sane!.
Saket Pal
Data Entry Operator

Dress to Impress is the ultimate motto of his life! Lets his hidden talents loose at parties and clubs, otherwise, diligent and hardworking!
Srishti Jain
Research Analyst

The hyper-competitive kind! Everything is a matter of life and death. Fun Sportsperson with a genius analytical mind.
Sonia Boolchandani
HR Manager

Jolly yet concerned. Stalks job portals 24*7, pounces on candidates.
Amit Mukherjee
Graphic Designer

His hairstyles are exotic. Creative personality with a strong mind. Man of dreams.
S. Vishwa
SEO Specialist

Well experienced in SEO, takes a while to smile, extremely focused!
Soumya Choubey
UI/UX Designer

Explorer who loves to design!
Bharti Sahu
Software Engineer

Bit of a talker, but a great engineer. Her confidence is admirable.
Shreya Tiwari
Financial Content Writer

Leaves her charm everywhere she goes. Amiable and bubbly. Fidgets while explaining concepts, but excels in writing them!
Kakoli Nath
Legal Content Writer

Works with finesse. USP: Doesn’t compromise on quality.
Ankita Sharma
Software Developer

I Love to code but if given a chance, I want to wander the world.
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