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Shape your investment journey with 25+ premium courses, 15+ stock recommendations and a premium subscription of Ticker Plus at just Rs 499!
One changes Investing. One changes Everything.

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What would you get?

At a glance, premium features that you would get with One.

What's more with One.

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  • Financial X-ray report
  • Goal planning
  • Insurance
  • Tax saving funds
  • Stock Recommendations
  • Mutual Fund Recommendations
  • Premium Insights
  • Courses
  • Certification
  • Watchlist
  • Portfolio
  • Valuation Calculators
  • Common Size Statement
  • DuPont Analysis

Free Forever

  • Financial X-ray report Yes
  • Goal planning Yes
  • Insurance Yes
  • Tax saving funds Yes
  • Stock Recommendations No
  • Mutual Fund Recommendations No
  • Premium Insights No
  • Courses 4
  • Certification No
  • Watchlist 30 stocks
  • Portfolio 20 stocks
  • Valuation Calculators No
  • Common Size Statement No
  • DuPont Analysis No
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  • Financial X-ray report Yes
  • Goal planning Yes
  • Insurance Yes
  • Tax saving funds Yes
  • Stock Recommendations 15+
  • Mutual Fund Recommendations 4
  • Premium Insights Yes
  • Courses 25+
  • Certification 5+
  • Watchlist 100 stocks
  • Portfolio 50 stocks
  • Valuation Calculators 3
  • Common Size Statement Yes
  • DuPont Analysis Yes
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Any Questions?

Find answers to common questions that you may have in your mind.

What does Finology One’s account include?

The subscription includes complete and hassle-free access to: 


  1. Recipe- Premium subscription includes over 15 well-researched stock recommendations and quality mutual fund recommendations to cater to your financial goals.

  2. Quest- Finology’s content-rich financial learning platform which includes over 25 premium courses, premium certifications, access to the new course every month and other useful resources like downloadable notes, flashcards, etc.

  3. TickerPlus- Finology’s premium stock research platform which includes premium bundles, powerful valuation calculators, smart portfolio monitoring where you can add over 50 stocks and advanced analytical tools. 

How much does the Finology One subscription cost?

You can avail the subscription at a sensational price of Rs. 499/- a month (plus taxes) that auto renews monthly. With this subscription, you can access all our premium tools and platforms (Tickerplus, Quest and Recipe). The subscription auto renews monthly to ease you from your burdens. 

What is the difference between Finology and Finology One?

Finology is a one-stop destination for all your investing necessities, it includes three great products that are available for free. The subscription to Finology One, however, supercharges the features of these expert-crafted products, developed solely to ease your financial journey. 

Will I get a refund after cancelling?

Sorry, our team works really hard to make our services enriching. We offer constant improvements but no refunds. Once you cancel a subscription, you won't be charged for future subscription fees. However, past subscription fees won’t be refunded.

I did not receive the premium access even after payment. What should I do?

This may happen due to issues with the bank or payment gateways. Owing to this, we may not have received a successful status of the payment at our end.  
Don’t worry! You can write your query to our brilliant customer support team at for the same and we will get it resolved in the next 24 hours. 

What payment modes are accepted on the website?

We accept payments via Paytm wallet or directly through UPI ID (only Paytm, Bhim and Phonepe). To save you from the hassle, all subscriptions auto-renew monthly. You could also pay through bank mandate or with Visa or Mastercard (via Paytm).

Do you give any free trial for subscriptions?

The tools provided by Finology are always free to use. However, it’s the additional features that we charge for. We do not offer any trial for Finology One, but we’re sure you wouldn’t regret subscribing to it at a mere price of Rs. 499/-.


Why am I being billed for this Month?

The subscription plan for Finology One, gets auto-renewed every month. If you have been charged for the membership you must have missed cancelling the plan before the expiration date or you may not have followed the correct process to do so.

I have already paid the subscription fee. Why am I being asked to pay again?

This usually happens when a user has subscribed with a mail ID but logged in with a different mobile number or ID. All you need to do is log in again using the correct login ID i.e. your mobile number or the mail ID that you have subscribed with.