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  • Biased advice
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The Value investing course is an awesome course with a good amount of knowledge and its best for the beginners who know nothing about stock market but want to invest in it. So if you are deciding, whether you have to take this course or not, i will recommend it will be very fruitful for you.

Sagar Rajvanshi

Said on: Google

I feel Finology is genuine and committed towards his customer as well as their offers for investment. Also would like to add their response time for queries is excellent and clear answer for questions. Because of Finology am into investment and will go long and longer!!! and rich rid richer!!!??Thank you Finology giving me confidence and courage and patience, all together will make successful investor.

Arun Dsouza

Said on: Google

Team is young and enthusiastic!! I just started with Finology and getting constant updates and guidance from them. The care with which they listen and understand your goal is something different The AI driven tool does the preliminary checks and thereafter the team steps in and provides the final touch. Till now the experience has been good, only time will tell how calculated the suggestions were!!

Raja Dasgupta

Said on: Google

Finology is one of the best platform for all your investments and legal needs. The team is committed and ethical. There is a positive culture in the organisation and if someone wants to learn Value Investing dedicatedly than their is no alternative to Finology.

Shruti Srivastava

Said on: Google

I have recently completed two course from their website I am a fourth year law student and executive level CS student so was looking for certificate course which would help build the quality of my CV , the complex topics of jurisprudence and company law have been well explained to me. also the customer care was very cordial and fast at their response. Thank you for such high quality notes :) also lastly on their website got to learn things about stock market and stuff looking forward to do course on mutual funds as well will love to see how finbox works for student investments.

Riya Jose

Said on: Google

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Any Questions?

Find answers to common questions that you may have in your mind.

What is financial planning?

Financial Planning is the comprehensive evaluation of your current financial position and future goals to chalk-out a time-bound strategy for the future. It involves assessing your financial position, identifying leakages, acknowledging your goals, assessing your risk profile, designing a suitable asset allocation plan and laying down a strategy timeline to accomplish the goals.

What are the steps involved in financial planning?

Financial planning involves the following steps:

         1. Defining your financial goals and objectives

         2. Gathering your financial and personal information

         3. Developing your financial plan

         4. Implementing the plan

         5. Periodic follow-ups to ensure the plan is on track

What does a comprehensive financial plan include?

A comprehensive financial plan takes all your financial attributes into account and provides an unbiased strategy that suits you. This includes everything from spending management to debt diagnosis, insurance planning, retirement planning, asset allocation and all other tools that facilitate financial freedom.

Which is the best financial planner?

The best financial planner is one that not only studies you but understands you. Scanning your profile and suggesting you a popular investment option (yes yes, that one) is easy, but understanding your profile and recommending unpopular hacks that are perfect for you is what separates the best from the rest. Guess what? Recipe is here to change your definition of the ‘best financial planner’.

How can Finology One financial planning tool help?

Finology One is your one-stop destination that assists you throughout your investment journey from investment knowledge to financial planning to demat account opening to stock analysis. Recipe by Finology is the perfect financial planning platform that understands you and your goals, evaluates your risk profile and suggests you an appropriate asset allocation to attain those goals.

Where to learn value investing?

Value Investing is an investment technique that involves filtering stocks that are trading below their intrinsic (true) value. Quest by Finology is an investing knowledge platform that provides you with close-to-reality knowledge on value investing which not only enables you to make sense but also to make money in the markets. Certification from Finology and BSE institute are like cherry on the cake.

Which is the best investment course?

The best investment course not only tells you investment theories but also illustrates how it can be applied in real-life scenarios. The market rewards not someone who has the best theory rather the one who can apply even the simplest of techniques practically. That is where Quest comes in and helps you understand investment strategies along with their contextual applications.

How to get started with investing?

Follow the guide to find the perfect path to begin your investing journey, so that you can make the most out of the market:

  1. The first and foremost step to start investing is to learn basic concepts of finance so that you can understand how the market works and make well-informed decisions. Quest by Finology will provide you with action-packed, practical courses which are adjustable to your attention span.

  2. Now, you need a financial plan that is well-suited and aligns with your goals. Recipe by Finology brings an end to this by giving you the power to manage your money according to your personal goals.

  3. Next in line you need to witness the market in action and analyse a few stocks with the right information & data. This is where Ticker by Finology comes to the rescue. It helps you make a proper analysis and filter the best stocks.

  4. It is pretty hard to find an affordable, cost-efficient stockbroker in the market. Select by Finology is a brokerage comparison platform enlisted with the best stockbrokers so that you can compare and select the one which is best for you.

Which is the best stock recommendation site?

Every Mr. Joe seems to have a few stock recommendations for you; but is that reliable? Is it based on proper conviction? Is there an unprejudiced thesis behind it? In most cases, No. If you wish to make money from the markets, you need an unbiased and scientific stock-teller. Well, Finology brings to you Recipe where the Chef Special shall provide scientifically-screened and expert-curated stocks just for you. Plus, you get to know the rationale behind these stock-picks in the Investment Insights.

How to learn to invest in mutual funds?

Mutual fund investment, by its very nature, is subject to market risks, which is why it is a tough task to select funds that deliver positive returns, let alone beating the average. While mutual fund investing seems a cakewalk, most people don’t understand what’s beyond the obvious in fund-picking. Quest by Finology introduces you to the basics of how to select the right mutual fund and what they won’t tell you about it!

Which mutual funds are good to invest in now?

Investing, in general, is very subjective. Which is a good fund depends mostly on your financial profile, goals and risk appetite. The key to good fund-picking lies in the proper assessment of one’s financial profile. That is why you should use intelligent tools available in Recipe by Finology that understands you and suggests not only good funds but also tells you the risks associated and your ideal allocation to those funds. Clever, isn’t it?

How much money should a beginner invest for the first time?

Honestly, this is a very subjective question. Firstly, you will have to figure out a strategy to manage your spendings, savings and investments at the same time. Secondly, you need to assess your profile, your goals, your risk appetite and then, find a suitable investment strategy to begin with. Too complex, right? Don’t worry, Recipe will do all of this for you!