Team Finology

All our superheroes.

Pranjal Kamra

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Coolest CEO ever! There isn't anybody like him. Friendly, supportive, humorous, kiddish with a big big heart and a very active brain! WORKAHOLIC!!

Priya Jain

Co-Chief Executive Officer

A creative soul that she is, nobody can come at par with her brilliant wit and intellect. Pair it with her enthusiastic spirits, and you have a Perfect Boss.

Kaushik Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Extremely genius at his work. Absolutely intolerant about average quality work. His eyes are everywhere and he knows about everything and is even good at it!

Aditya Sharma


Still learning social skills. In love with traveling.

Urvi Kotak

Chief Research Analyst

Walking dictionary of both Finology and the stock market. First employee with the zeal of a fresher and a proud gujjubhai who hates the camera!

Dev Vishwkarma

Creative Director

His creatives work like magic! The most loyal Zomato customer. Hates making changes. We are sure his stones have a permanent place to live.

Kirti Pimpalgaonkar

Chief Product head

"Kaaafii’ popular YouTuber. Does 3 important things- scribbling scripts in a comfortable corner, recording fantastic YouTube videos, laughing like an express train!

R. Rutiran Radan

Customer Support Executive

Our "ride or die"! A multilingual genius, he lives for Finology and underrated Bollywood movies.

Antra Mahto

National Operations Head

A true people's person. Has a special talent of making anyone feel at home. Hard work, perfection, multitasking, comfort, and lots of giggles.

Pratiksha Mahawar

National Marketing Head

Hothead in all senses of the word! Can manage to make everyone stick to deadlines- from business partners to even the company's CEO.

Shikha Rohra

Legal Content Writer

She is humorous, smart, and dedicated. Drinks tea hourly, half-hourly, minutely according to her moods. She is the foundation of our Legal Team.

Shristi Jain

Chief Product Officer

Full-time Ticker's mother, part-time techie. Can make anyone say, "Is there anything she can't do"!

Amit Mukherjee

Graphic Designer

His hairstyles are epic. Creative personality with a strong mind. Man of dreams.

Bharti Sahu

Senior Software Engineer

Bit of a talker, but a great engineer. Her confidence is admirable.

Kakoli Nath

Legal Content Writer

Loves to learn everything she can and can work hard round the clock!

Shreya Tiwari

Finance Content Creator

Reel Queen! An adult who hasn't accepted her adulthood. Fun and food are her only two criteria for everything in life.

P. Girish

Assistant Manager SEO

Our inhouse Amitabh Bachchan (from shahenshah). A total Bollywood maniac, he loves to work on time and go home on time.

Aditya Bhagat

Graphic Designer

Never at the office, always at work! He creates enchanting videos

Aditya Singh

Graphic Designer

"Yes mam, ho jaega!" He is never heard saying no to anything! Ace designer who makes our social media presentable.

Abhishek Sahoo

Financial Analyst

Turning boring to fun is his strength. From writing stock reports to analyzing companies, he can turn everything into a story with his captivating words. Works hard, whines harder.

Alka Tiwari

Associate Software Engineer

Our sweet little muffin of innocence and "tameez". She can make you say wow with her software designs and aww with her childlike smile!

Aarti Patel

Graphic Designer

Always short of words, never out of creativity! A polished designer, she can beautify any creative content with her magic AI skills.

Debpreetendu Samaddar

Finance Content Creator

Whoever said, "a smart man isn't a happy one," must look at this guy. You can feel the joy rush through just as this Tharoor Lite opens his mouth.

Mehvish Quraishi

Brand Communication Manager

Our in-house coffee peddler. The solution for all our creative problems, a lot of her fancy lingo goes over our head. Angrej log.

Aashi Manek

Brand Alliance Executive

It’s safe to call this lively human the queen of savage commentary when it comes to getting work done. PS., her tiffin dabba's a heavenly delight!

Manisha Tripathi

Brand Alliance Sn. Executive

Pata hai? This one's dedicated to only 3 things, her work, partying and sweets.

Akash Thakur

Associate Software engineer

Be it giving excellent advice or sharing dank memes on it or stock; this coder with Batman's voice is the master of all trades.

Himanshi Nandanwar

Legal Content Writer

A smart cookie (lover) that she is, this one takes charge of all the worldly tittle-tattle because of her command over the current affairs!

Mariyam Khan

Associate Software engineer

“OBVIOUSLY” the cutest DYNAMITE in the IT team; she literally feeds on chocolates and ice cream all day.

Vinod Deep

Associate Software Engineer

Meet Binod with a ‘V’. This sweet guy is a shiny-shoe lauki-lover. Also, he doesn’t care about leverage.

Soumya Shridhar

HR Manager

She’s one human with the enthusiasm of 40. Imagine what her being excited must look like! PS., beware of her prachand roop!

Ayush Verma

Videographer & Editor

There are only 2 things he does perfectly- cooking chicken and phenomenally making things come to life with his videography.

Akshada Nampalliwar

Customer Support Executive

If pin-drop-silence was a person, it would be her when she works. Ps., don’t miss tasting the amazing food that she keeps offering everybody around her.

Ramsahay Yadav

Data Entry Operator

He’s got only 2 modes- fun guy with a good GIF game, and DND, I’m working.

Kamana Mishra

SEO Executive

This one’s a chatty chai-chugging mythology and music enthu. No wonder she’s never tired!

Pratiksha Tharwani

Product Associate

The foosball enthusiast with a sweet tooth for ice cream, she’s super hardworking and talented.

Aishwari Pradhan

Associate Software Engineer

Not only does she rocks every event with her phenomenal dance moves, but she’s also an amazing singer. This gym freak is a one-woman show indeed!

Priyanka Joshi

Associate Software Engineer

Imagine a health-conscious foodie whose laughter can fill a crowded room. PS., Her serious expressions while working are just as unusual.

Priya Barlota

Legal Content Creator

The gab machine with some next-level sass; she’s a bookworm that won’t let you get bored if you pass by without a random conversation.

Sudeepto Das

Legal Content Creator

Not just a foodie lawyer, this guy’s a walking-talking dramatic masterpiece.