Team Finology

All our superheroes.

Pranjal Kamra


Proactive, mentor & a friend to all. You can’t have a dull, non-productive moment when he is around.

Priya Jain


Witty, creative & simply genius. No soul can match her positive enthusiasm and brilliance.

Kaushik Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Genius, inventive & a perfectionist. This master of all trades has an unmatched GIF game.

Dev Vishwkarma

Creative Director

Shy, foodie & hardworking. For him, there’s nothing beyond food and his creative designs.

Kirti Pimpalgaonkar

Chief Product Head

Bubbly, witty and patient. She’s a die-hard Hrithik fan and doesn’t believe in taking leaves.

R. Rutiran Radan

Office Executive

Multilingual, Bollywood buff & sporty. He loves the company more than anyone else.

Antra Mahto

National Operations Head

Caring, progressive & a clean freak. She specializes in making every employee feel at home.

Pratiksha Mahawar

National Marketing Head

Potter head, dedicated & diet conscious. Can manage to make everyone stick to deadlines.

Shikha Rohra

Legal Content Manager

Sarcastic, self-blamer & productive. Her fab feedback is enough to teach you any topic.

Shristi Jain

Chief Product Officer

Genius, multi-talented & super calm. There’s nothing work-related she can’t master in seconds.

Amit Mukherjee

Sr. Graphic Designer

Imaginative, quiet and a veteran graphic designer. His only competition in the office is himself.

Bharti Sahu

Sr. Software Engineer

Tech-team veteran, confident & the sweetest. You can’t match her work-life balance elitism.

Kakoli Nath

Legal Content Manager

Super organized, quick & always sorted. It’s okay if you can’t pronounce her name in one go.

Aditya Bhagat

Sr.Graphic Designer

Perfectionist, sweet & eternally on WFH. He’s a mystery to the new and master to the old ones.

Aditya Singh

Sr.Graphic Designer

Funny, sarcastic & artistic. Beware, passengers! He loves to drive at a dangerous speed.

Abhishek Sahoo

Product Manager

Competitive, witty & quiet. He won’t admit, but he is one of the best writers in the team.

Aarti Patel

Social Media Executive

Stylish, foodie & a playlist expert. Her skills- magic; her go-to words - “I know, right!”

Mehvish Quraishi

Brand Communication Manager

Super sweet, super humble & a caffeine addict. Her hand gestures speak louder than her.

Manisha Tripathi

Sr. Executive Marketing

Very hardworking, a great mimic & dancer. You can get to anyone on Earth if she decides to.

Himanshi Nandanwar

Content Manager

Artful, melodious & brilliant at current affairs. She loves to share clay modelling skills with all.

Mariyam Khan

Associate Software engineer

Witty, cute & a motivational speaker. Her punch-packed comebacks are hard to recover from.

Soumya Shridhar

HR Manager

Chirpy, comforting & our in-house cheerleader. She is the human form of a dopamine rush.

Ayush Verma

Videographer & Editor

Camera wizard, ace shutterbug & hilarious. Appreciation of his work is not limited to the office.

Akshada Nampalliwar

Asst. Manager Customer Support

Determined, sweet & the kindest face in the lot. She loves to share her amazing tiffin with all.

Ramsahay Yadav

Office Executive

Caring, sweet & the best shayar in the office. You just can’t beat his vibe at the GIF game.

Kamana Mishra

SEO Executive

Chatty, music & a mythology enthu. You can always count on her to light up the dance floor.

Pratiksha Tharwani

Product Associate

Smart, cheerful & the youngest one. She’s a foosball lover with a sweet tooth for ice cream.

Priyanka Joshi

Associate Software Engineer

Humble, pro sketch artist & an Indian food enthu. You just can’t match her skincare regime.

Shivani Mukherjee

Graphic Designer

Moody, artistic & one with the sweetest voice. She changes boring paintings into masterpieces.

Riya Kaushik

Associate Software Engineer

The silent type, super wise & straightforward. Her phone battery must eternally be at 100%.

Preeti Gupta

Content Writer Associate

Anime lover, detail-oriented & welcoming. Her knack for storytelling makes her one of a kind.

Akriti Khare

Sr. SEO executive

Intelligent, sweet & fun to be around. She’s determined to keep her tasks well-planned.

Akshat Lakhe

Legal Content Associate

Great cook, Messi fan & a daydreamer. He loves dogs and quotes TV series like he wrote them.

Devashree Kulkarni

Finance Research Associate

Super calm, composed & a good listener. She’s the most expressive in the courses she creates.

Vinay Kumar

Equity Research Analyst

Sanskari, nerd & a lover of research. His zeal for cricket and the economy knows no bounds.

Anubha Mishra

Legal Content Associate

Bibliophile, fun-loving & persuasive. She’s a perfect combo of workaholism and relaxation.

Pallavi Pandey

Relationship Manager

Cheerful, friendly & an ever-smiling face. Her presence can make every conversation a delight.

Harkeet Singh Hora

Sr. Customer Support Executive

Funny, helpful & loves attention. This music lover’s dedication to work knows no bounds.

Rupali Sinha

Compliance Officer

Witty, jumpy & keeps to herself. This compliance prodigy is scared to drink tea at the office.

Paras Ganguly

Legal Content Associate

Smart, coffee-holic & a theatre lover. He is the male equivalent of Geet from Jab We Met.

Prajjwal Sinha

Legal Content Associate

Proactive, lively & a drama queen. You’ll often find this singer smiling for no apparent reason.

Damini Sahu

Associate Software Engineer

Friendly, talkative and sweet. She uses Google as her secret weapon to answer everything.

Utakarsh Prasad

Graphic Designer

Calm, talented & a quick learner. He has hacked the skill of balancing graphics and videos.