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What is Finology?

Finology is a new-age fintech company, established to empower the common investors. With our unbiased and in-depth approach, we work towards making investing simple and rewarding for everyone. Finology is your Personal Finance Coach that helps you to Save More, Earn More and Invest Intelligently. 

What is Finology One?

Finology One is a subscription that offers Four premium services (Recipe, Quest, Ticker and Insider) under one plan of Rs. 499 per month.

What does Finology One offer?

Finology One is a subscription platform that offers complete and hassle-free access to: 


Ticker- Finology’s premium stock screening tool that includes premium bundles, powerful valuation calculators, smart portfolio monitoring with an option to add more than 50 stocks, and advanced analytical tools. 


Quest- Finology’s content-rich financial learning platform, which includes 25+ premium courses and certifications, with new courses added every month, and other valuable resources like downloadable notes, flashcards, etc.


Recipe-  Finology’s DIY Financial planning tool that includes 15+ stock ideas, a balanced mutual fund portfolio, investment insights, and asset allocation recipe to supercharge your financial journey.


Insider- Finology's quirky financial journalism platform that is the new-age source of uncensored information, real thoughts and real opinions. Insider tells you stories that other platforms scare away from.

What is the difference between Finology and Finology One?

Finology is a one-stop destination for all your investing needs, which includes free tools, with certain limitations. Finology One is a subscription-based premium collection of expert-crafted tools that have been developed to ease your complete investing journey. You can visit Finology One for a more detailed comparison. 

What is the price of Finology One? Is it GST inclusive?

Finology One is a subscription based platform which can be accessed with a subscription of only Rs 499 per month. The amount is exclusive of GST.

How to use Finology One?

The ideal way to use the Finology One platform is as follows:


Step 1- Start with building your financial profile with the Recipe and generate your financial health card.


Step 2- Clear your investing concepts with the quick but comprehensive courses onQuest

Step 3- Practically apply what you’ve learned on Quest and evaluate the fundamentals of your stock ideas on Ticker

Step 4- To analyse better on Ticker, read "Insider" to stay updated and know what makes companies tick, their crazy tactics, managerial misconducts, inside business stories, and a lot more!

Is there any restriction or age limit for using Finology One?

No, there is absolutely no restriction or age limit for using Finology One.

Do I need any particular device or software of any kind to access the tools or platform of Finology One?

No, the system has been designed keeping in mind the various devices and platforms used to access the internet. You can use any device or browser of your choice and convenience.

Are BSE Institute certifications also included in the Finology One subscription?

No, the BSE Institute certification is not included in a Finology One subscription. You have to pay an additional examination fee for appearing in the BSE Institute certification exam. However, currently, two of our courses, i.e., The Academy of Mutual Funds and The Academy of Value Investing, are affiliated with the BSE Institute. You can study them by purchasing a Finology One subscription.

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