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What is Insider?

Insider is your no-nonsense source of all information on Finance. The brashest member of the Finology family, Insider isn't afraid to say what others won't tell you. Merging Journalism with Finance, Insider brings you uncensored information, real thoughts and real opinions. What this means is that Insider will unearth crazy tactics, nasty tricks, and managerial misconduct, like, well... an Insider!

Do you have a free trial?

Insider offers free as well as premium articles. There is no free trial for Elite articles, but we do have more than 1500 free articles to give you a taste of what the platform offers. And believe us, you, what Elite offers is definitely better than our free offering!

What is Chatterbox?

Whether it’s a good book or a brilliant article by Insider, you would not want to reach for a dictionary or a new tab whenever a difficult word pops up, would you? This is why we have created the Chatterbox for your informational convenience! Every Chatterbox has a little mark next to it. Hover over the word and find a little hidden information to help you on your reading journey.

What is "Explore" feature?

Insider has over 1500 articles for you to read! We pride ourselves on this near-encyclopedic collection of knowledge, but it can be a bit overwhelming to try and take it all in. Pace yourself with Explore. Pick up to 10 topics that interest you the most, and Insider will curate a custom feed for you containing all the articles we have to offer on that topic. It's like having a personal bookshelf inside a library!

What are Bookmarks?

Whether it's for research or you just fell in love with our writing, being able to come back to certain articles to re-read them sure would be convenient. Whenever you come across such an article, just click the little bookmark icon near the article, and voila! You've got a secret stache ready to present you with articles to resume reading, or read again just for the fun of it!

How many Bookmarks can I keep?

There is no limit to the number of Bookmarks you can keep.

What are Bullets?

Bullets are your daily dose of crisp, spicy financial news, in 80 words or less. Get your hand on the market's pulse without having to scroll through miles of boring, mind-numbing numbers and data. Bullets are updated daily, so make sure to come back and check in regularly.

Does Bullets get updated daily?

Yes, Bullets are updated daily for all our users.

Can I write for Insider?

Think you have a little something-something you want to share with us and the rest of Insider's audience? Well then, join our creed of audacious writers and give writing for us a shot! Send in your work to and we'll see if your content is bold enough for Insider.

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