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How does Quest work?

As a Finology subscriber, you will have access to our expertly crafted courses that you can watch/read at your own pace. Quest has a set of uniquely designed learning paths, called Race Track, that will give you a clear direction of which course you can start with. Based on your requirements, you can choose the Race Track that fits you the best. You can sign in to your Finology account to watch the free course. To watch all the courses displayed on your Race Track, you must have to subscribe to Finology One.

What does Quest provide, and how will that help me?

Quest offers courses on financial & investing concepts that are well-researched and explained in the simplest way. You can choose what you want to learn depending on your attention span.

To give you the best learning experience, every course has downloadable notes, flashcards to help you revise concepts, and assessments to test your knowledge. 

What is Sprint by Quest?

Sprint refers to the short duration courses listed on Quest. These bite-sized courses are up to 30 minutes long and are made to provide learning on the go.

What is Marathon by Quest?

Marathon refers to the long courses which are specially designed to strengthen your fundamentals. They consist of written content as well as video lectures for better understanding.

How do I know which course in Quest is suitable for me?

We’ve built a personalized recommendation tool on the Homepage to get course recommendations by answering just two questions. Also, Race Track will help you get the correct sequence of courses based on what you want to learn.

How does Quizzes offered by Quest help me?

Quest offers three Quizzes that will help you evaluate your knowledge in a fun way and also help you to choose your suitable course.

What are Race Tracks?

Race Tracks are learning paths that guide you with the correct sequence of courses to learn. 

Why should I use a Race Track?

One should use Race Track for the following purposes-

A Guide for Beginners: People who are new to the world of Finance often get confused as to where to start. Race Track gives you a detailed learning path that will tell you the right sequence of courses to watch. You can choose your own Race Track, based on your requirements.

For Structured Learning: Sometimes, people start a course with expert level difficulty and end up failing to understand the concept. A Race Track will help you get a structured learning environment wherein you can complete the courses step by step and learn all the concepts without missing out on anything.

For Saving Your Time: After taking up courses that are beyond your difficulty level, you spend extra time trying to research more about them. This process consumes a lot of time. Race Track helps you save this time by educating you about all the basic essential concepts beforehand and then upgrading your course accordingly.

Who can sign up on the website? Is there any restriction on the age limit?

There is no age limit for signing up on the website. The courses are designed to provide the subscribers with all the technical and practical aspects of finance and investing. So, beginner or expert, these courses can help anyone understand the essentials of investing & finance, with concepts that can be actually applied to real life.

Are there any free courses available on Quest?

Yes, we do offer a few free courses on Quest. However, the more the better! So subscribe to Finology One and go on a learning spree.

Will you provide a demo for your courses in Quest?

We do not offer any demo for our courses in Quest. At the same time, you could refer to free courses, which will give you a glimpse of how amazing we are.

Are the Quest courses in English or Hindi?

For your convenience and an effortless learning experience, Quest now offers amazing courses in Englsih as well as Hindi.

What is the pattern of the courses under Quest?

All our courses are online with a combination of recorded videos and text-based lessons. Further, it is all self-paced, so you can access the courses at your convenience. Each course consists of case studies, flashcards, and assignments so that each of you can track your progress.

What is the timing of the courses offered under Quest?

All our courses are pre-drafted & self-paced, which gives you the flexibility to study the course at your convenience.

Are the courses in Quest fully video based?

The courses which we offer are a combination of video and text-based lessons.

What will be the duration of the videos in Quest courses?

Each course is divided into various chapters and topics. You can see the length of the videos in the course dashboard.

Do I need any particular device or software of any kind to go through the courses?

No, the learning system has been designed keeping in mind the various devices and platforms used to access the internet. You can use any device or browser of your choice to access the courses.

Will I be provided with live lectures or recorded videos?

We do not offer live lectures for any of our courses. Our courses are pre-drafted with a combination of recorded videos and text-based lessons.

How can I track my performance?

In each course, you will get an assessment that aids you in evaluating your learnings. Also, you can take quizzes to check your overall financial knowledge. 

What if I do not score 60%? Will I not get the certificate? Can I retake the assessment?

To avail the certificates, you're required to score at least 60% in a Finology certified course. If you're unable to achieve 60%, you can re-attempt the assessment again.

Will I be given any hard copy material, or can I download, take a printout of the material available online?

Sorry, but our courses are completely online and they cannot be downloaded or copied. And we do not provide PDF or printed notes of our courses. You have to access it through our website.

Where can you find the answers to the assessments?

To view the answers to your assessment, you are required to score at least 60%.

Once you score above 60%, you can click on the 'View answer' button to view the answers.

If you fail to score the required percentage, you will get an option to reattempt the assessment.

Do I need to pay extra for the certifications?

No, you are not required to pay extra for Finology affiliated certificates.

How do I avail my Finology certificate after completion of the course?

You can avail your certificate from the “My Certifications” section on your dashboard.

Will the courses in Quest by Finology help in getting a Job?

Our courses have only been designed for learning purposes. While these courses will strengthen your fundamentals and knowledge about finance & investing, we do not provide any job guarantee after their completion.

Do you offer any Financial Aid or Scholarship?

Finology is a customer-centric organization and has always worked for the welfare of its users. We aim to equip people with financial literacy and help them become financially independent. By charging a minimal fee of Rs 999/- a month or an annual discounted fee of Rs.5994/-, we provide our users with rich content that has been designed by industry experts, keeping their best interests in mind. Thus, at the current stage, we do not provide any scholarships or financial aid.

What is the duration of the Quest courses?

In Quest, we offer two types of courses, i.e., Sprint & Marathon. Sprint comprises short-duration courses of up to 30 mins, whereas Marathon comprises long-duration courses of up to 3 hours.

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