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What is Recipe?

Recipe is an integrated financial planner that aims to empower & turn every investor into a smart investor through its intelligent tools and solid recommendations. 

What is Self-service by Recipe?

Self-service by Recipe is your DIY (Do it yourself) Financial Planner that helps you build and manage your finances on your own. It offers various tools and resources that assist your investment decision-making process in every aspect of your life like retirement planning, buying insurance coverage or retiring your debt.

How can I create my Recipe account?

Just choose Sign In Option from the Top right Menu. Then create and verify your Account by entering your Mobile number, Name, and Email address. Your account is ready to serve you the perfect financial recipe!

How can I get my Perfect Financial Recipe?

Making your perfect financial recipe is very easy. You just need to follow a few steps.  

  • Analyse Your Financial position:- 
    Evaluate your spendings, savings, borrowings & investments and determine your current financial situation by Prosperity Ingredients Tool.

  • Know your personality:-
    Identify your personality traits and get an investment portfolio that matches through Financial Appetite Test.

  • Build Your Goals:-
    Turn all your goals into reality with the action plans by adding all your goals on Goal Planner.

  • Get your 360* recipe:-
    Check your Financial X-ray Report to know what's exactly wrong with your finances and get clever steps to boost your net worth.

  • Invest with our Stock Recommendation:-
    Get actionable stock recommendations and execute your curated investment strategy based on your results

Do I need to pay for using the Recipe Platform?

The platform Recipe is free to use but for accessing the stocks and mutual fund recommendations you need to subscribe to “Finology one”.

Does it provide investment recommendations?

Yes, Recipe provides you with Quality and unbiased recommendations on different investment instruments such as Stocks, Mutual Funds, NPS, Fixed deposit, Insurance, Gold, etc.

Can I connect to the expert in case I need help?

We have tried to cover the most common queries in our FAQ and Help section but if you have any specific query, you can email it at

However, please bear in mind that Recipe will not provide any assistance or service on the following matter:- 

  • Reviewing Your Existing Portfolio

  • Queries related to Stocks or Mutual fund that are not covered by Recipe

  • Personalised investment advice


What is the difference between Recipe Free access and Recipe Premium access?

The recipe free account has limited features while through the premium account, you can access all the tools and recommendations available on the platform. Also, the premium account offers hassle-free access to all the courses and tools available on our learning platform “Quest” and research platform “Ticker”. 

Why should I use Self-Service?

Self-service by Recipe helps you to evaluate your current and future financial standing and thereby enables you to achieve all your financial goals in a structured manner. Without understanding your financial standing and your investment objective, you will not be able to make the right decisions.

Can I see the recommendation directly without using Self-Service Tools?

Of course, you can see the recommendation directly without using the self-service tools. You just need to sign-up your account by filling in your details.  Once you have signed up your account, you will be redirected to your Recipe dashboard, where you can select the “My recommendation” option from the side menu. However, before investing your hard-earned money, you should be clear about your financial goal, the timeframe and also your investment style and thus we would recommend you to use all tools before viewing the recommendation.

Is it free to use or do I need to pay for using the self-service tools?

No, all the Self-Service tools are free to use. However, some of our recommendations are available only for premium members. To know the details, Kindly visit

What all features are included in self-service?

The self-service platform focuses on 4 important aspects of your financial life:

  • Your Prosperity Index:- It evaluates the financial health of an individual in a holistic manner by assessing his spending, saving, borrowing and insurance. It also offers you tips and tricks to improve your financial health.

  • Financial Appetite:- It helps you understand the nature of your investment style and what kind of investments are best suited to your profile.

  • Goal Planner:-  Investment decisions are never “one size fits all”. With your personal goals and priorities, the platform helps you invest the right way.

  • Financial X-ray Report:-  Summarises your financial profile and gives you actionable insights based on your score. 

What is your investment philosophy?

We recommend any financial instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test, wherein we check if the company has the following characteristics-

D- Discount to intrinsic value (Reasonable Valuations)
E- Efficiency of business operations (Cost Advantage)
E- Ethical Conduct
P- Pricing Power (Strong Moat)
S- Scalability (Visibility of earnings growth)
C- Competitive Landscape (Industry Projections)
A- Appropriate Safety Net (Risk Mitigation)
N- No Biases (Behavioral Safeguard)

Who selects the stocks and other financial products that are recommended?

Finology Ventures Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered investment advisor. Our qualified experts are actively involved in the stock-picking & filtration process.

What do we get in Chef's Special?

Chef’s special is a comprehensive research platform designed to help you achieve your long term goals. It provides you with quality and unbiased recommendations on different investment instruments such as:


  •  Stocks
  •  Mutual Funds
  •  Insurance
  •  NPS
  •  Fixed Deposit
  •  Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)


To view your recommendations, please click here

How can I change my Financial inputs?

There is an “Edit” button after every tool through which you can update your inputs.

What is a Financial X-Ray?

A financial X-Ray is a report that summarises your financial profile and gives you actionable insight based on your score. To view you financial X-ray report, please click here.

What do you mean by Financial Appetite?

Financial appetite helps you understand the nature of your investment style and the kind of investments that are best suited for your profile.

Will you recommend mutual funds and stocks for me based on my risk profile?

No, Recipe by Finology is a DIY investment platform. The recommendations given are the same for all, and we do not provide individual advice.

Will you manage my Portfolio?

We do not offer portfolio management services. Instead, our services will help you manage your portfolio efficiently. We will provide you with unbiased research, recommendations, portfolios, and updates to ensure that you get the best of our services.

If I subscribe to Finology One, how many stock recommendations will I get?

The number of stocks in our portfolio keeps changing depending on the market conditions and the quality stocks we can discover at fair valuations.

Will I get all the stocks at once?

The number of stocks in our portfolio keeps on changing depending on the market conditions and how many quality stocks we are able to discover at reasonable valuations. Till the validity of your subscription, all the stocks available with us will be visible to you.

Can I buy all the stocks at once?

Valuations of stocks change on an everyday basis. We publish the maximum buy price for each of our recommended stocks to help you build your portfolio in a phased manner.

How frequently will the stock reports be updated?

A company's business model mostly remains the same. Hence, there won't be a need to make frequent changes in the report. However, if there is any update in any particular company, it will be updated on our 'Investment Insights' section.

What is Max buy price?

Max buy price is a fair value of a stock, which is calculated based on fundamental analysis of the stock. We recommend you to buy the stock if the stock's current market price is trading below our Max Buy Price.

How frequently is the Max buy price updated?

The changes in the Max buy price depend on the market scenario and the suggestions of our experts based on external events. There is no fixed periodicity, but the changes in Max buy price, if any, will be visible on your dashboard.

Should I invest if the price is above Max buy?

No, it would not be advisable to buy any stock whose current price is above the Max buy price.

How long should I hold the recommended shares?

Generally, all our recommendations are based on long-term investments. There is no fixed periodicity for holding a stock. Any action required on your portfolio will be based on the market scenario, fundamentals and growth prospects of the individual stock.

Will I get sell alerts of the recommended instruments even after the expiry of my service period?

No, you will have to be subscribed to our services in order to get the buy and sell recommendations. The updates on buy and sell will be notified to the subscribers through emails.

Would there be a target price or target horizon?

No, there won’t be any target price or target horizon for our stock recommendations. We focus on owning quality businesses rather than finding short-term opportunities based on some price target. We will continue to hold the stocks as long as our investment thesis holds strong.

How many Mutual Fund recommendations will I get?

Currently, the Mutual Fund portfolio will contain four funds. It is to ensure that you don't spread the money in too many funds. Though it is important to invest in diversified avenues, one should make sure that it is not overly diversified.

How long do I have to invest in the recommended Mutual Funds?

The minimum horizon period for staying invested in the recommended Mutual Funds would be 3-5 years. This should be done to save yourself from hefty taxations and generate adequate returns.

What could be the minimum investment amount in your recommended instruments?

There is no fixed minimum amount that is required to start investments. It solely depends on your personal goals and objectives.

For your assistance, we have curated certain tools for you that will suggest the required amount that should be invested according to each of your financial goals.To access the tools, please click here.

Which service should I take for a short-term investment?

All our recommendations are for long-term investments. However, we provide a few debt instruments like liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc., to take care of your short-term needs.

How frequently do you review your recommended financial instrument?

We always keep an eye on our recommended financial instruments. Any required act on your portfolio will be based on the market scenario, fundamentals and growth prospects of the individual financial instruments. There will not be any fixed periodicity for the same. Any update on your portfolio will be updated on our 'Investment Insights' section.

Do you provide an investing platform?

We do not provide any transaction platform for investing in the instruments. However, you can visit select to choose the best suitable broker.

Suppose I want to change some recommended financial instruments. Will you help me?

Sorry, we would not be able to change the recommended instruments as per your requirements as we provide standardized recommendations to all of our users. We would suggest you to kindly consult with your investment advisor before deciding to make any investment.

What does asset allocation mean, and how important is it for investments?

Asset allocation is a technique to distribute your investment funds into various financial instruments like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. It is done to manage risks by diversifying an investment portfolio. Asset allocation is one of the most essential tools you can use in your mission to acquire a diversified portfolio. It will help you in putting the right amount of money into various securities. 

To understand asset allocation in brief, you can refer to our blog.

Will my existing investments be reviewed?

We do not review your portfolios nor do we provide our views on any financial instruments, other than those that we cover.

Do we also get any debt instruments for the investments?

Yes, we recommend a few debt instruments like liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc., for your emergency needs.

Will I have a Relationship Manager?

No, we do not provide any Relationship Managers to assist you with your investments. Recipe is a “Do It Yourself” platform and does not include the help of any investment expert or relationship manager.

Although, we have tried to cover most of the queries in our FAQs and Help section, if you have any particular query, you can email us at

However, please bear in mind that Recipe will not provide any assistance or service on the following matters:- 

  • Reviewing Your Existing Portfolio

  • Queries related to Stocks or Mutual fund that are not covered by Recipe

  • Personalised investment advice

Can we change the Financial Appetite result?

Yes, you can change the Financial Appetite by following these steps:


Step 1- Login to your account

Step 2- Click on “Financial Appetite” on the Dashboard

Step 3- Finally click on “Edit Result”

Will I get guaranteed returns?

No. Given all the complexities of the Stock Market, no one can provide you with guaranteed returns or the guarantee of returns, and so, neither do we. But rest assured, we do guarantee our best efforts in finding the right investment option for you. We shall put our heart and soul in doing the right research and bringing out the best options for you.

What will be included in Investment Insights?

Investment Insights provide you access to portfolio strategies, industry research and investment trends that will help you ease your investment journey. You can view your Investment Insights from here.

Can I share my subscriptions with my friends and family?

Your personalized investment plan is prepared based on your financial appetite, goals, and cash flows. It may not be suitable for someone else. So, it is not advisable to share the subscription with others.

Will Recipe help me with Tax Planning?

We do not provide individual advice on tax planning. However, tips and some of the most tax-efficient instruments are covered in Recipe.

Will I get intraday or positional trading calls?

Our Stock selection is based on value investing philosophy. We do not provide any intraday or short-term recommendations.

What does Portfolio Diversification mean?

Portfolio Diversification is an act where investors make investments across varied asset classes to limit the exposure of any particular investment. It is done to avoid the risk as different asset classes perform differently under any given condition. To understand portfolio diversification in brief, you can refer to our blog.

What is portfolio rebalancing?

It is a strategy to re-align your portfolio by buying and selling stock and funds to maintain your targeted asset allocation. It is done to rebalance your portfolio to outperform the markets or to obtain the desired returns. It can be done at regular intervals or depending on the existing market situation.

Can I change the Asset Allocation?

The suggested Asset Allocation is based on your financial appetite and the financial inputs you have provided. You can choose to alter your financial appetite as per your requirements, and accordingly, the allocation will change.

Do you recommend investment in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature and are not considered a safe haven (like gold). Additionally, they do not have any regulators or government bodies backing them. Hence, the security of funds always remains an issue with them.

Considering its constraints and some more, we do not recommend investing in cryptos.

Do you provide tips for stock trading?

We do not provide any kind of trading tips or strategies. We believe in inculcating long-term Investing habits based on solid fundamentals with time-tested value investing principles. Our aim is to build quality portfolios driven by fundamental analysis.

Can I still invest, even if I'm not an Indian citizen?

Yes, an NRI can invest in the Indian market, but there are restrictions on some financial instruments. So, this subscription might not be completely useful for a non-Indian citizen.

What is Financial Appetite?

It’s an online tool that assesses your financial standing and your attitude towards risk and determines the right investment style that perfectly suits your income, goal and risk preferences.

How to use Financial Appetite Tool?

The tool has been carefully designed by considering all the financial factors and behavioural aspects that can impact an individual’s decision to invest. 

To know your investment style, Click on the top left menu and then tap on ‘’Financial Appetite”’.  Please remember that the assessment does not have any “right” or “Wrong” answers, select the option that best describes you. Upon completion of the assessment, you will be put to an investment category based on your Financial Appetite Score.

Here is how you can interpret your investment Category:- 

  • Conservative Investor:- Your main priority is to safeguard your investment corpus. You are unwilling to accept high fluctuations in your investments and desire low but consistent returns. 

  • Moderate Investor:-  You are willing to take modest risks to seek higher long-term returns. You are prepared to bear some degree of volatility to protect your corpus from inflation and taxes. 

  • Aggressive Investor:- You are interested in reasonably solid growth over the long term. You recognise that you may have negative returns from time to time but you want to have your corpus largely invested in growth assets.

  • Very Aggressive Investor:- Your Primary object is maximizing returns and for that, you are willing to accept substantial risk. You are comfortable with extensive volatility and not concerned about liquidity.

Why should you use Financial Appetite?

Every individual has a different income pattern, financial goals and behavioural personality and thus the investment strategy cannot be standardised for everyone. An investor needs to ensure that his/her portfolio is aligned with his investment goals and risk tolerance and this is where “Financial Appetite Recipe” comes in help. The tool is designed to measure your risk-bearing capacity and assist you in choosing the right investment approach for financial goals.

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning means preparing for life after the paid working period ends. It means setting aside funds and investing with the purpose of retirement in mind.

How to use the Spending Habit Tool?

Step 1: Input your current monthly income

Step 2: Enter your Monthly Expense on necessities (Needs) like Food, Rent, Utility Bills

Step 3: Enter your approximate monthly spendings on discretionary items (Wants) like restaurant bills, shopping bills, and spending on entertainment. 

Step 4: Enter your EMIs and Monthly Insurance premium amount.

Step 5: Get the details of your spending habits and tips to improve the same.

When to start retirement planning?

The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better. When you start early, you get a higher advantage of the power of compounding interest which even helps you in creating a sizable corpus with less investment amount. 

Why should you plan for your retirement?

One cannot work forever and at some point of life, you’ll reach an age where you either won’t want to work anymore, or just can’t work anymore due to health reasons. At this point, Your regular income may start falling while the expenses will significantly go up and thus it’s important to have an alternative source of income for your post retirement needs. A good retirement plan not only keeps you from being a burden to your children, it also allows you to enjoy your desired lifestyle.

How to use the Retirement Planning Recipe?

Simply enter all the values in the input cell - Your Monthly Expenses, your current age, Retirement Age, Existing investment details and you will get the result in terms of the amount required to achieve your retirement goal comfortably.

What is Child Education Planning?

It is the process of building a corpus that will help you to fund your child’s education. A proper financial plan for your child will help him to focus on his career without worrying about finances even in your absence.

Why should I plan for my Child’s education?

The education costs in India have been increasing dramatically. For instance, the cost of admission into IIMs was 4.5lakhs in 2007. This is now 20 lakhs in 2021 and it is similar for most of the courses. Nobody wants to compromise on quality particularly when it comes to education hence planning is important.

When should you start saving for Child Education?

You should start investing as early as possible as it gives you a long-term horizon. The cost of education is expected to rise more in the future, thus early investments can help you in building a significant corpus.

How to use Child’s Education Planner by Recipe?

Child’s Education Planner is one of the tools on Recipe platform that allows you to plan for your child’s future educational expenses. You need to Input the current age of the child, the child’s age at the time of higher education and the present cost of education. If you have already saved some amount for said goal, you need to fill in the details of the same in the existing investment cell. Upon entering the above inputs, Recipe will give you the estimated investment amount required to fund your child’s higher education.

What is Child’s Marriage Planning?

Parents often underestimate the amount of money required while planning for child wedding and end up taking a personal loan to fund the wedding-related expenses. Planning the goal ahead ensures that your child’s grand celebrations don't need to be downsized for financial constraints or you don’t have to borrow a high-cost loan. 

How to use Child's Marriage Planner by Recipe?

It is an easy-to-use tool available on Recipe Platform that will help you get an estimate of the amount you would need for your child’s wedding purpose. You need to simply click on the calculator and enter the details that are asked and the tool will give you the amount that you need for your child's dream wedding.

Why should I use Child's Marriage Planner?

The tool considers all the factors and complexities that come with the goal planning and then gives you a fair estimate of the future cost of your child’s wedding and the investment requirement for that. If you are looking for a detailed plan for your financial milestones, Recipe is here to help you!

Why should I plan my house purchase?

Buying a house is one of the important financial goals for many individuals. But due to the high financial commitment, many people find this goal challenging to achieve. Planning the house purchase ensures that you are well equipped to achieve it on time without pushing your retirement back or altering other investment goals. 

What should I consider before buying a house?

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a house. The important ones are Location, Interest rates, Economic conditions, Resale potential, Government policies etc. Buying a house is an expensive decision in India. It may take your life savings and put you in a major financial crisis. So it is ideal to consider all those factors and decide the purchase as per your affordability.

Why should I use Dream House Planner?

Owning a house is a dream of every Indian. Our new edge tool consider the complexities and factors that arise while planning to buy a house and try to give you the best information possible so that you can reach your goal on time.

How to use the Dream House Planner?

Recipe gives you an idea about the future cost of your dream house and the amount you may need to invest to increase your chances of acquiring it on time. To get the result, You need to simply adjust the duration and your estimated purchase value and the details of existing investment made(if any) using the tool. Upon entering the details, the tool will give you the right estimate of the amount you need to set aside to make your dream a reality.

Why should you plan to buy a car?

For most people, a car is the 2nd most expensive purchase after a house. Planning the goal prior to the purchase can help you create your desired corpus. You must keep in mind that there is no point in buying a car out of social aspiration as it jeopardizes your retirement goals. 

What factors should you consider before buying a car?

Apart from the technical aspects of buying a car, one should also keep other aspects in mind, like the resale value, car insurance costs, mileage and repayment cost of car loan (if you are planning to take a loan).

Why should you use your savings instead of taking a loan for your dream car?

Car loans have an average tenure of 5-7 years and it comes with a minimum interest rate of around 8-9%.  These factors add up 20-30% of the cost on top of the actual cost of the car. On the other hand, if you choose to invest the downpayment amount in a mutual fund for 5 -7 year, you can comfortably afford your dream car without borrowing any money.

How to use the Dream Car Planner?

Step 1:- Input the current cost of your dream Car

Step - 2 Select after how many years you wish to buy the car.

Step - 3 - Input the details of your existing investment made for the goal

Step 4 - Recipe will display the amount you need to invest every month to fulfil your financial goal.

What is wealth creation?

Wealth creation is a process of building wealth through investing your savings in different asset classes like gold, real estate, mutual funds. The rise in their value will lead to a rise in wealth.

How is Wealth different from income?

Income is the flow of money earned from a business or any work whereas wealth is the value of your assets. One of the main differences is that while income is steady, wealth is more volatile as prices of your assets fluctuate.

Why is Wealth creation important?

Everyone dreams about being wealthy. Wealth can help address a lot of issues like health, unexpected expenditures, funding your lifestyle related expenses and all other financial needs. It ensures Steady income flow to fund your daily expenses so that you don’t compromise your lifestyle even after your retirement.

How to use the Wealth Creation calculator by Finology?

Step -1:- Enter your target wealth amount

Step -2:- Input your investment horizon - the time period till which you expect to hold the investment.

Step- 3:- Fill up the details of your existing investment and the expected return from it.

Step -4:- The Wealth creation Recipe will show you the monthly investment amount you need to make to reach the goal comfortably.

Why should you use the Wealth Creation calculator by Finology?

Wealth Creation Calculator on Recipe considers all the factors that go into wealth generation and then decides your target investment amount. If you are running low on time and want a quick idea about how much investment you should make to achieve wealth creation, Recipe is the best bet.

What is Vacation Planning?

While we usually plan our travel bookings three to six months in advance,  we often forget to consider it as a financial goal. As travelling involves cost, you should plan it in advance to put less stress on your wallet. 


When should you start saving for a vacation?

For bigger trips, you should start planning as soon as possible. Investing for a longer duration will yield a higher return and helps you to create a bigger corpus. Ideally, your investments should cover all the travel expenses and some of the other costs.

Why should you use Vacation Planning tool?

If your current savings are not enough to cover your dream trip right now, you can still find a way to travel affordably with the help of the Vacation planning tool by Recipe. The tool will give you a quick estimate of your future travel cost and the investment amount you need, to make your dream a reality.


How Debt Diagnosis tool by Recipe helps you in your Financial Planning?

You can think of this calculator as your Debt consultant. It will look at your outstanding loans and EMIs and give you a risk based score on your solvency position.  The rating will give you an idea of where you stand and help you prepare your future finances.

How much Debt is too much?

In India, banks generally approve loans when your EMI to Income is less than 40%. But as per the rules of personal finance, any level of debt can dent your finances, if you don’t know how to manage it.  To know the exact picture of your debt level, use the debt diagnosis Recipe.

How to use Debt Diagnosis tool?

Step 1:- Input your Current Monthly Income

Step 2:- Input your aggregate monthly EMIs

Step 3:- Fill the details of your existing debt and assets

Step 4:- Get the EMI to income ratio and your debt risk score

What should I do if My debt risk score comes “High”?

A high score does not necessarily mean that you are in a debt trap but it’s an indicator that your liabilities need immediate attention. If you have multiple credit lines or a huge outstanding loan balance, you should plan a sensible repayment strategy.  We would recommend you to use our snowball calculator to reduce your repayment cost and pay off your debt quickly.

How is an Emergency Fund different from a Savings fund?

An emergency fund is a kind of savings fund, it is used for different purposes. While an emergency fund aims to cover your unexpected expenses like job loss or medical emergency, a savings fund is created for planned expenses like buying a car or house .

How much do I need in an Emergency Fund?

The thumb rule for the right emergency fund is that it should cover 3- months of your expenses/income. However, Recipe goes a step further and takes into account other important factors before giving you the ideal emergency fund amount. 

How often should I review my emergency fund?

An Individual's spending priority changes with time as family and health become more important. Thus with any change in the income or lifestyle pattern, you should review and replan your Emergency fund. 

How to use the Emergency Fund Planner by Recipe?

Simply click on the Emergency fund planner, enter the information in the given fields and Recipe will tell you the required Emergency Fund and the time it will take you to achieve the same. 


How does Spending Habit tool by Recipe helps you in your financial plan?

The tool takes into account your income and your expenses on various items and analyzes your behaviour to find out whether you are a saver or a spender.

What is a Debt Restructuring Recipe?

Debt restructuring Recipe is a strategy designed to help you in the process of becoming debt-free. The tool prioritizes your debt repayment in order of smallest to largest and helps you in stelling your liabilities faster.

Why should I use the Debt restructuring Recipe?

The Recipe is designed to lower your repayment cost and build your path to financial freedom.  The advantage of the tool is that it creates a disciplined approach to the debt settlement process and keeps you motivated while paying off the loan.

How to use the Debt Snowball calculator?

Step 1:- Input your Total Monthly EMI

Step 2:- Input the amount which you can contribute towards debt repayment monthly. 

Step -3:- Enter the details of your loans like Outstanding Loan Amount, Interest rate, EMI etc.

Step 4:- The tool will show you the right repayment schedule for your loans and the amount which you would save by following the repayment strategy. 


From where can I download the Financial Recommendations Report?

Click on the "My Recommendations" section on your dashboard. On each recommendation box, you will notice a “Report” button in the  bottom right corner. You can download the report by clicking on it.

Why am I unable to use the Goal Planner calculator?

This generally happens, when your Recipe profile status is incomplete. Before using the calculator make sure you fill both of these section on your dashboard in the order mentioned:


  1. Prosperity Ingredients

  2. Financial Appetite

Where can I view the recommendations?

You can view your recommended financial instrument from the “My Recommendations” section on your dashboard.

Will I get new recommendations every month?

No, we won't be providing you with new recommendations every month. We, at Finology, strongly believe in investing for the long-term and avoid making frequent changes in our recommendations. The new recommendations, if any, purely depend on the market conditions and valuations of the quality stocks at that time.

What is Self-Education Planning?

Education is the passport of success. Many employees wish to take a break from their job to pursue higher studies but due to financial constraint, they are unable to afford it.  With proper financial planning, you can fund your education and enjoy your career break, the way you want.

Why should you plan your own education?

The cost of education is getting more expensive every year. Additionally, for breadwinners, career breaks become very challenging as they need enough money to cover the household expenses in addition to their education expenses. Thus to finance your dreams, planning is crucial.

How to use the Self Education calculator?

Step -1:- Enter the estimated cost of your education (If you’re the sole breadwinner of the family, include the household expense amount for the time when you are not earning).

Step -2:- Input your time period- When you are expecting to go for higher education

Step- 3:- Fill up the details of your existing investment. 

Step -4:- The Self Education Planner will show you the monthly investment amount you need to make to reach the goal comfortably.

What type of goals can be achieved with custom goals calculators?

Though we have covered all major long term goals in our goal planner tool, but as different people have different needs and so are their goals. You can use our custom goals calculator to plan your short term goals like buying a laptop or a phone or maybe do a certification course.

How to use custom goal planner recipe?

Step 1:  Enter the name of the goal you wish to achieve

Step 2:  Enter the time horizon in which you wish to achieve this goal

Step 3:  Now enter the amount required to achieve this goal

Step 4: Enter the amount that you have already saved for this goal.

Step 5: Write some description about the goal you wish to achieve. Though this is an optional step.

Step 6: Upon clicking the Plan Goal button, the Recipe will display the amount you need to invest every month to fulfil your financial goal.

How to change your Spending Habits?

You can improve your spending habits by various methods. Some of them can be:

  • Prepare your monthly budget: Plan your monthly budget considering all your necessary items such as rent, food, etc, and then allot the rest of the money for other needs.

  • Setting your short-term financial goals: You should have a specific plan on what not to spend your money on. For example “I would decrease my spending on online shopping this month”.

  • Always track your spending: You should always have a track of things that you are buying and this would help you not overspend. You can do this by sorting the items into categories. 

  • Identifying the emotional triggers that cause you to spend: You must identify the factors which tempt you to overspend. These factors can be peer pressure, lifestyle as well as mood. For example, if your friend is buying something unnecessary you don't need to buy it under pressure.

  • Identify your needs and wants: You must separate between your needs and your wants and should also have a division for that in your budget. Doing this you will save money which you spend sometimes unknowingly.

Why do we need a health insurance plan?

A health plan covers your medical expenses and saves you from financial troubles. There has been a steep rise in healthcare costs and meeting them often burns a hole in the pocket. This is when having a health plan helps. You can avail quality and timely medical treatment, without worrying about the expenses.

Why do you need a life insurance policy?

Life Insurance products provide a definite amount of money in case the life insured dies during the term of the policy or becomes disabled on account of an accident. It ensures that the dependents have some financial support in case of the unfortunate demise of the policyholder.

What is the right time to buy a term insurance plan?

There is no better time to buy a term life insurance policy.  Ideally one should purchase a term insurance policy immediately after starting a job. Also, in the case of a life insurance policy, your premium remains the same until the end of the policy term, so if you buy at an early age, the premium would be less. 

What are the factors that affect your health insurance premium?

Age is one of the biggest factors that determine your insurance premium as the older you get, the more susceptible you are to diseases and thus premiums are higher. If you have any pre-existing health conditions then also your health insurance will be more expensive. Certain lifestyle habits like smoking can also make your premium cost more expensive.

Can I buy all the stocks present in the Portfolio?

Valuations of stocks change on an everyday basis. We publish the maximum buy price for each of our recommended stocks to help you build your portfolio in a phased manner.

Will you analyse and review my Portfolio?

We’re afraid we don't do that owing to regulatory reasons. Recipe’s purpose is to enable you to check, analyse and fix financial issues by yourself. And so as a DIY investment platform, we do not provide personalised portfolio reviewing.

What do we get in Chef's Special?

Chef’s special is a comprehensive research platform designed to help you achieve your long term goals. It provides you with quality and unbiased recommendations on different investment instruments such as:
1. Stocks
2. Mutual Funds
3. Insurance
4. NPS
5. Fixed Deposit
6. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)

Do I need to pay for using Chef’s Special?

Yes! And trust us, you shouldn’t miss out on the Chef’s Special, because it gives you recommendations on Life insurance, Health Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Liquid Funds, Pension Plans and Tax Savings Fund for free. Though a large part of Recipe is free to use but to access the Mutual fund and stock recommendation, you need to subscribe to Finology One.

Will I get intraday or positional trading calls?

No. At Finology, our primary focus lies in value investing that caters to your long-term goals and that guides the stock selection process. Short-term recommendations and intraday are riskier; we do not intend to gamble away your hard-earned money.

How many stocks will be Recommended?

The principle of value investing is the key drivers of Finology’s functioning. Reasonable valuations are always the best determinants to gain exposure in quality investee companies. And so, the number of stocks in our portfolio varies depending on the market conditions.

Will you recommend mutual funds and stocks based on my risk profile?

Recipe’s purpose is to enable you to check, analyse and fix financial issues by yourself. And so as a DIY investment platform, we do not provide personalised recommendations as per your risk profile. The recommendations given are the same for all and we do not provide individual advice. 

Would there be a target price or target horizon?

No, there won’t be any target price or target horizon for our stock recommendation. We focus on owning quality businesses rather than finding short term opportunities based on some price target. We will continue to hold the stocks as long as our thesis holds up or we find a better alternative to invest the money.

How do I come to know when you buy/sell a Stock?

You need to be a subscriber to know the buy/sell recommendations. The buy and sell recommendation will be notified to you via email.

How many Mutual Funds will be Recommended?

Team Finology embodies the principle of quality over quantity. For us, our patrons are everything. And this reflects on the portfolios we provide; they’re neither too diversified nor too concentrated and hence, function finely to give you the best investing experience. To further cater to your financial growth, we recommend 4 well-diversified Mutual Funds in a portfolio.

Will I get a relationship manager for my investment-related queries?

Nope! Why disrupt your schedule and rely on advisors that eat-up your time and money to tell you things that you can know for yourself! Yes! You heard it right! With our “Do It Yourself” platform Recipe, you can sort out all your investment and finance related issues at your own convenience.

Will Recipe Help me in my tax Planning?

We do not provide any individual advice on tax planning but tax planning tips and some of the most tax-efficient instruments are covered in Recipe. So, with Recipe, you can do it in a super efficient way on your own!

I see many old stocks in Recipe's recommendations. When will new stocks be added?

We are a firm believer of long-term wealth building and so is our research. Recipe's recommendations are scientifically-curated and expert-picked, all with a long-term horizon in mind. The stocks and mutual funds are reconsidered for analysis on a regular basis, and are thus, relevant. You don't need to worry, whenever we feel like it, we shall surely churn the portfolio and bring new hidden gems for you! 

Where can I clarify my investment-related queries?

Kindly refer to the Help section after updating your details under Prosperity Ingredients, Financial Appetite, and Goal Planner. 

How reliable are stock recommendations?

We offer expert-picked stocks that are rock solid in terms of quality, financials and value. Our team follows a process oriented investing framework called DeepScan, that focuses on profitable companies, operating in a space with sizable opportunity with an attractive price tag. We never invest based on trend driven or news driven ideas. The minimum investment period for our stock recommendations is generally 3-4 Years.

How do beginners make money in the stock market?

One of the most important aspects of stock investing for beginners as well as advanced investors is “staying within your circle of competence”. This basically means investing in companies which you understand. The stock picking process involves several things like evaluating the business quality, analysing the financials, finding the intrinsic value etc. Also, the investment strategy greatly depends on the type of investor you are.

If you want to know our picks for long term wealth creation, subscribe to Finology one.

How many stocks should a beginner buy?

Irrespective of the type of investor you are, you should always focus on creating a diversified portfolio. Generally, an investor should hold minimum 10-15 stocks from different sectors and market capitalization to minimize the overall portfolio risk.

If you want access to our stock portfolio, subscribe to Finology one.

What all things should I check before buying mutual funds?
  1. Style and fund type -  There are different types of mutual funds options available like equity funds, debt funds, Hybrid funds etc. The fund selection primarily depends on one’s financial goal and risk tolerance.
  2. Expense ratio - The expense ratio is simply the total percentage of fund assets that are being charged to cover fund expenses. The higher the ratio, the lower the investor's return and thus one should stick to funds with a reasonable expense ratio.
  3. Returns : It’s important to check a fund’s performance across different market cycles. A fund which has been consistently beating the index and has a lower degree of volatility is a preferred choice for investors.

Recipe offers a diversified mutual fund basket which has been filtered through quality, consistency and reliable investment strategy.

How do beginners invest in mutual funds?

Investing in mutual funds is considered to be one of the best ways to build a corpus in the long term. But before investing you should plan it out.

  • Know your goals - Before choosing a mutual fund, the first step is to decide the goal i.e. the time frame you are looking to invest for, return expectations, etc. since these will help you choose a fund that is best suited to your requirements.
  • Go for SIP : If you are a naive investor, it is better to invest via SIP mode where you can put a small amount periodically. 
  • Invest for the long term : A long term investment strategy is the best to deal with market volatility. When you invest for a longer horizon, you let your investments go through business and market cycles, which helps earn stable returns and beat market volatility. 

Sign up to Recipe by Finology to know our choices for creating a diversified long term mutual fund portfolio. 

What should a retirement plan include?

Retirement planning is a multistep process that evolves over time. To have a comfortable, secure and fun retirement, you need to build the financial cushion that will fund it all.

First, you need to analyze your expenses. This will help you in your pre – retirement phase i.e. the accumulation phase, to determine how much you should save for your post retirememt lifestyle. While planning retirement you should also keep in mind the rate of inflation as in the long term the average rate of inflation will have an impact on your planning.  Here, at Recipe, we provide you a perfect blend of human expertise and technology to guide you smoothly through your financial journey. Be it your basic living expenses or post-retirement staycation or a house in the woods or any of your dreams, Recipe has got it all covered. 

When should you start planning for retirement?

The thumb rule for retirement planning is - the earlier you start, the more you save. However, with age, your priorities change too. So, you need to factor in the cost of living in the present vis- a -vis future, your financial obligations as well as healthcare costs. At Recipe by Finology, we always believe in modifying your plans and not your dreams! Recipe helps you in aligning your investments with your dreams and provides you solid recommendations, so that you can attain your goal on time.

Why should you plan your retirement?

You retire from work, not life. You may have a new set of dreams for your post-retirement life. At the same time, you may also want to maintain your day-to-day lifestyle without worrying about expenses. By planning your retirement in advance, you can define the path to achieve these life goals without worrying about your income sources. You need to plan your retirement to maintain the standard of living, to be emergency ready, to fight inflation and to leave a legacy.

Planning for retirement becomes easy, when are aware about your current financial profile and your future requirements. Recipe helps you in this process by creating a solid retirement plan which considers all the important aspects of life and gives you quality recommendations, so that you can achieve your goal on time.

What is the process of retirement planning?

There is no perfect time to start with retirement planning. At different stages in life, your financial profile may look different. However, it is advisable to begin retirement planning in the early years of life. Typically, retirement planning includes three phases of investment, accumulation, and withdrawal. The first phase should start when you can afford to save or invest a fair amount. It is essential to understand your risk-taking ability in terms of age, income source, and more considerable expenses such as a child’s education, loans, and marriage while planning your retirement.

Few steps that you should follow while planning your retirement corpus :

  • Assess your current financial position
  • Identify your risk appetite
  • Evaluate your post retirement requirements
  • Find Out the total corpus required considering your desired retirement age
  • Start investing

If you need a customized retirement plan for yourself, visit our Retirement planning tool

What is meant by financial planning?

Financial planning is a step by step process that helps you achieve your financial goals, be it short-term or long-term. The process includes evaluating your current fianncial status in order to financial leakages. When you create a financial plan, you get a good deal of insight into your income and expenses. You can track and cut down your costs consciously. This automatically increases your savings and wealth in the long run.

How to determine your financial goals?

You just need to think what are your financial milestones and why you want to achieve those! It can be debt payoff, purchasing a car, buying of a house or an early retirement. After determining your goals, you need to evaluate your income, budget and liabilities. Having an understanding of these things will help to frame realistic goals and prioritize your goals. 

Why is financial planning important?

Financial Planning is a systematic planning procedure to meet the important life goals of an individual. Essentially, it helps you to effectively manage your expenses, savings and investments, so that you can reach your goals on time. It assists you in creating adequate funds for your post retirement needs, so that you don't have to compromise on your lifestyle.   


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