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What is your investment philosophy?

We recommend any financial instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test, wherein we check if the company has the following characteristics-

D- Discount to intrinsic value (Reasonable Valuations)
E- Efficiency of business operations (Cost Advantage)
E- Ethical Conduct
P- Pricing Power (Strong Moat)
S- Scalability (Visibility of earnings growth)
C- Competitive Landscape (Industry Projections)
A- Appropriate Safety Net (Risk Mitigation)
N- No Biases (Behavioral Safeguard)

Who selects the stocks and other financial products that are researched for reports?

Finology Ventures Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered investment advisor. Our qualified experts are actively involved in the stock-picking & filtration process.

What do we get in Chef's Special?

Chef’s special is a comprehensive research platform designed to help you achieve your long term goals. It provides you with quality and unbiased reports on different investment instruments such as:
1. Stocks
2. Mutual Funds
3. Insurance
4. NPS
5. Fixed Deposit
6. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)

How can I change my Financial inputs?

There is an “Edit” button after every tool through which you can update your inputs.

What is a Financial X-Ray?

A financial X-Ray is a report that summarises your financial profile and gives you actionable insight based on your score. To view you financial X-ray report, please click here.

What do you mean by Financial Appetite?

Financial appetite helps you understand the nature of your investment style and the kind of investments that are best suited for your profile.

Will you recommend mutual funds and stocks for me based on my risk profile?

Recipe’s purpose is to enable you to check, analyse and fix financial issues by yourself. And so as a DIY investment platform, you will only get reports as per our analysis.

Will you manage my Portfolio?

We do not offer portfolio management services under the Finology ONE subscription. Instead, our services will help you manage your portfolio efficiently. We will provide you with Stock and Mutual Fund reports based on unbiased research and updates to ensure that you get the best of our services.

If I subscribe to Finology ONE, how many Stock and Mutual Fund reports will I get?

You will get 1 Stock and Mutual Fund Report each week which sum ups to 60+ research reports by the end of the year.

Which service should I take for a short-term investment?

All our recommendations are for long-term investments. However, we provide a few debt instruments like liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc., to take care of your short-term needs.

Do you provide an investing platform?

We do not provide any transaction platform for investing in the instruments. However, you can visit select to choose the best suitable broker.

What does asset allocation mean, and how important is it for investments?

Asset allocation is a technique to distribute your investment funds into various financial instruments like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. It is done to manage risks by diversifying an investment portfolio. Asset allocation is one of the most essential tools you can use in your mission to acquire a diversified portfolio. It will help you in putting the right amount of money into various securities. 

To understand asset allocation in brief, you can refer to our blog.

Will my existing investments be reviewed?

No, we do not review your portfolios nor do we provide our views on any financial instruments.

Do we also get any debt instruments for the investments?

Yes, we recommend a few debt instruments like liquid funds, fixed deposits, etc., for your emergency needs.

Will I have a Relationship Manager?

No, we do not provide any Relationship Managers to assist you with your investments. Recipe is a “Do It Yourself” platform and does not include the help of any investment expert or relationship manager.

Although, we have tried to cover most of the queries in our FAQs and Help section, if you have any particular query, you can email us at

However, please bear in mind that Recipe will not provide any assistance or service on the following matters:- 

  • Reviewing Your Existing Portfolio

  • Queries related to Stocks or Mutual fund that are not covered by Recipe

  • Personalised investment advice

Can we change the Financial Appetite result?

Yes, you can change the Financial Appetite by following these steps:


Step 1- Login to your account

Step 2- Click on “Financial Appetite” on the Dashboard

Step 3- Finally click on “Edit Result”

Will I get guaranteed returns?

No. Given all the complexities of the Stock Market, no one can provide you with guaranteed returns or the guarantee of returns, and so, neither do we. But rest assured, we do guarantee our best efforts in finding the right investment option for you. We shall put our heart and soul in doing the right research and bringing out the best options for you.

What will be included in Investment Insights?

Investment Insights provide you access to portfolio strategies, industry research and investment trends that will help you ease your investment journey. You can view your Investment Insights from here.

Can I share my subscriptions with my friends and family?

Your personalized investment plan is prepared based on your financial appetite, goals, and cash flows. It may not be suitable for someone else. So, it is not advisable to share the subscription with others.

Will Recipe help me with Tax Planning?

We do not provide individual advice on tax planning. However, tips and some of the most tax-efficient instruments are covered in Recipe.

Will I get intraday or positional trading calls?

Our Stock selection is based on value investing philosophy. We do not provide any intraday or short-term recommendations.

Do you recommend investment in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in nature and are not considered a safe haven (like gold). Additionally, they do not have any regulators or government bodies backing them. Hence, the security of funds always remains an issue with them.

Considering its constraints and some more, we do not recommend investing in cryptos.

Do you provide tips for stock trading?

We do not provide any kind of trading tips or strategies. We believe in inculcating long-term Investing habits based on solid fundamentals with time-tested value investing principles. Our aim is to build quality portfolios driven by fundamental analysis.

Can I still invest, even if I'm not an Indian citizen?

Yes, an NRI can invest in the Indian market, but there are restrictions on some financial instruments. So, this subscription might not be completely useful for a non-Indian citizen.

Why am I unable to use the Goal Planner calculator?

This generally happens, when your Recipe profile status is incomplete. Before using the calculator make sure you fill both of these section on your dashboard in the order mentioned:


  1. Prosperity Ingredients

  2. Financial Appetite

Where can I clarify my investment-related queries?

Kindly refer to the Help section after updating your details under Prosperity Ingredients, Financial Appetite, and Goal Planner. 

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