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What is Select? What does it provide?

Select by Finology is an online broker comparison platform, which aims to make sure that you get the #AchhiShuruat of your investing journey. It does this by helping you open a Demat account with your ideal broker, based on your requirements. Here, a user can check important details like-

  • Smart assistance in opening a Demat account
  • Compare more than 2 brokers at the same time
  • Finology ratings
  • Holistic customer review
  • Pros and cons


You don't just get assisted with opening your ideal investment account, you get rewarded as well! To know more click here

What are the rewards offered for opening a Demat account?

Open a Demat account at Select by Finology, and relish these products for 1-month-

Ticker: Get access to the smartest stock screener bunched with premium stock bundles & valuation calculators. 

Quest: Level up your investing concepts with 10 Sprint courses on India's coolest platform of financial learning. 


Recipe: Get access to various tools and resources that will independently assist you with financial planning and investment decision-making.


Do you offer cash rewards for opening a Demat account?

We do not provide cash rewards for opening a Demat account. Instead, we offer rewards that are worth Rs. 1000 for opening a Demat account through Finology.

How to find the best broker?

Step 1- Visit Select by Finology

Step 2- Click on ‘Find
Step 3- Use quick 30 seconds wizard
Step 4- Answer 8 simple Yes/No type questions

Hurray! You now have a broker that matches your needs.

What is a 3-in-one account?

A 3-in-1 account is a combination of accounts that make transactions smoother, easier and convenient among the linked accounts. The 3-in-1 account consists of:


  1. Bank Account

  2. Demat Account

  3. Trading Account

What are call & trade charges?

The charges which are levied by placing an order directly through the dealing desk are referred to as call and trade charges.

What is Margin?

Margin refers to money borrowed from a brokerage firm to leverage an investment. It is the difference between the total value of securities held in an investor's account and the loan amount from the brokerage firm. Buying on margin is like borrowing money to purchase securities. You pay only a certain percentage (margin) of the cost; the rest is borrowed from the broker.

How do I compare brokers?

Step 1- Kindly visit the Compare section.

Step 2- You can choose the brokers from the dropdown menu and compare Broker 1, Broker 2, and Broker 3.

Step 3- After choosing your brokers, you can click on “Start Comparing Now”.

Voila! You are ready to compare the features of your broker.

How to compare brokerage charges?

Step 1: Visit Compare section.

Step 2: Kindly choose the broker in the Broker 1, Broker 2, and Broker 3 column.


Step 3: After choosing the brokers, click on ‘Start Comparing Now’.


Step 4: You can enter the details as per your transaction, and click on the “Calculate" button.




Yayyyyyy! Your charges comparision is ready.

What are the charges for opening a Demat account?

The charges for opening a Demat account may vary for different brokers. For your help, we have the "Broker" section which will help you with the detailed charges of all the brokers.

How can I know the ongoing offers with your affiliated broker?

To know about the exciting offers provided by the brokers, you can refer to our 'Offer' section on Select.

How can I open a Demat account?

We are well aware of your requirements and hence, we already have it ready for you. For the detailed Demat account opening guide, kindly click here.

Can a minor open a Demat account?

Usually, it is a common misconception that minors cannot enter the stock market. There is no such thing as an age limit when it comes to investing. Both adults and minors are allowed to open Demat accounts. With minors, once the guardians provide the required documents, the account can also be opened under their name. Thus, there is no maximum or minimum age for opening a Demat account.

What is the process and documentation required for opening a Demat account?

In order to know the process of opening a Demat account, you can refer to our step by step Demat account opening guide from here.

Please note that the document requirements vary from broker to broker. To know more about the detailed requirements and procedure, visit the Account Opening section listed with each broker on Select.

I was not able to complete my account opening procedure in one go? What will happen now?

No need to worry! You have to simply log in using the same credentials as earlier. It will automatically start the procedure from where you left.

In how many days will my Demat account be opened?

Normally, the Demat account opening process takes around 48 to 72 hours. It may vary based on the stockbroker you choose and the speed at which that broker opens the Demat account.

I have still not received account confirmation from my broker. What should I do?

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours to open a Demat account. But this may vary based on the chosen stock broker and their Demat account opening process. You can wait for the prescribed time and check your mailbox. Do not forget to check the spam folders as well.

If  you still do not receive the confirmation, kindly contact your broker to know the status of your account.

Where can I find my Rewards?

Step 1- Visit Select by Finology.

Step 2- Click on your "Account Profile".

Step 3- Click on ‘My Rewards’



Congratulations! You can now claim your rewards.

In how many days can I claim my rewards?

You will be eligible to claim the rewards after a week of opening a Demat account. For example, if your account opening process is complete on Wednesday, you will be eligible to claim the rewards next Wednesday.

How to open an NRI Demat account?

Currently, in India, an NRI can open a Demat account only through an offline process. The procedure for account opening varies for different brokers. It would be best to connect with your preferred broker to know the detailed procedure and avoid any grievances.

How can we open a non-individual account?

At present, we do not offer a non-individual account opening process on Select. The account opening process for a non-individual is completely offline. So, it would be advisable to contact the broker for a detailed procedure.

How to transfer shares from one Demat account to another?

We knew you would be having this query! And that's why we have prepared a detailed blog for your help. To access the blog please click here.

How to close a Demat account?

Closing a Demat account usually requires downloading the closure form and filling it in. It is an offline process.

For a detailed step-by-step process and guidance, you may reach out to your broker or visit their respective website.

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