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What is Ticker?

Ticker by Finology is an equity research and company analysis tool. Analyzing stocks is a serious affair, and with Ticker, you get a one-stop destination for cutting-edge stock research. You get every information about stocks in Ticker making it Investing ka search engine. To know more, please visit here.

Where does Ticker source its financial data from?

Ticker sources its data from Accord Fintech services.

How frequently is the live data updated?

Ticker is quick! All data in relation to the corporate actions, annual reports, and shareholders' meetings are updated within just 15 minutes of the event.

Is Ticker useful for Intraday trading?

The Price data available in Ticker are delayed by 15 minutes. Thus, Ticker may not be ideal for intraday trading.

When is annual data updated in Ticker?

We take annual data from the annual reports of companies and not from the unaudited results present in the company's quarterly reports. This may cause a delay in updating annual results, but the data is 100% correct in these cases.

When is quarterly data of the company updated in Ticker?

As soon as the company declares its quarterly results, it is updated on Ticker by the end of that particular day.

What is the reference time period of financial data that has been taken to calculate ratios?

Few ratios are updated daily based on live data such as PE ratio, PB ratio, etc. Other ratios on Ticker are calculated based on the last financial year’s available data.

What are free features available in Ticker?

Ticker has comprehensive data and research about all the listed companies. There will also be customized ratios like P/E, ROE, ROCE, PEG, CAR%, etc. For every company, we have mentioned the pros and cons in a one-liner format. Also, for more reference, we have added price and valuation charts which have data for up to 5 years. We have also explained the shareholding pattern, which shows details about the company’s promoters pledging and more. Peer comparisons are also present. In addition to all these, corporate actions, reports, news updates, and analysts updates are also present on Ticker. If you want to add stock to your watchlist, you can add up to 30 stocks and create a smart portfolio by adding up to 20 stocks. Basic bundles like emerging bluechip, value trap, etc., are present.

What are some free add-on features of Ticker?

Following are some free add-on features on Ticker:


  • Invest in your favorite brand: Search any brands you are using or looking for and find out which company owns them. For example, search Dove and get to know that it’s an HUL product.

  • IPO Watch: Get the details about upcoming, ongoing, and newly listed IPOs, all in one place to achieve listing gains and invest in the company primarily.

  • Track Index: Track live market movements with all the indices and their details.

  • Screener: Filter out stocks from the set of 5000+ companies based on your criteria. For example, find stocks that have a profit of more than 10k crores, etc.

  • Super Investors: Find out which stocks your favourite, most successful investors hold, and track all their holdings. For example, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has invested in Delta Corp.

  • Additional Data: New data such as volume chart, PB chart, shareholding details, group companies info, etc., have been added for a more enhanced analysis.

  • Curated News: Get the latest news about all that’s happening in the global and Indian markets and keep up with the market's sentiment.You wouldn’t need to get a subscription to any news app!

What are the premium features available in Ticker?

Ticker has the following Premium features:

  • Powerful valuation techniques such as Discounted Cash Flow, Earning Multiple approach and Book Value Per Share (BVPS) analysis.

  • 5 stage ROE calculation with DuPont Analysis

  • Common size statements analysis

  • An upgraded limit in Smart Portfolio with style box and watchlist

  • Premium Bundles

What is a Screener?

Screener is a tool that helps you filter out stocks from the set of 5000+ companies based on your criteria. For instance, your criteria can be finding stocks with a profit of more than 100 crores, stocks with a market cap of Rs 500 crores etc. We have also provided a user guide, which will help you with your requirements. 


How can I filter companies according to my requirements?

We are aware of your requirements, which is why we bring to you our smart tool, “Screener” which will help you filter out stocks from the set of 5000+ companies, according to your criteria.

Step 1 - Please visit this link- https://ticker.finology.in/screener and click on "Go to screener".


Step 2 - Input the data based on which, you want to filter stocks.


Note: Kindly choose the inputs from the drop-down menu shown.

Step 3 - Click on “Run Screener” 


And, it's done!

What is the logic behind Finstar?

It is calculated through an algorithm and is automatic for each company. The algorithm used in Finstar is exclusively engineered by the research team at Finology. Finstar given on each company page on Ticker is just an aggregate picture of the company based on the historical metrics and average of that company's quantitative data. It is not a recommendation or a rating to provide the fundamental picture of the company. Also, in every rating, there is an "i" button that states which factors are calculated to arrive at the rating.



So, Ticker users can quantitatively analyze the company with Finstar and other data, and qualitatively through the various reports available. However, please remember that this is, in no way, an investment advice from us.

How can I filter the stocks based on Finstar?

Oops! We are really sorry! Presently we do not have this feature on Ticker. But don't worry, we are already working on it and will launch this feature soon. Stay Tuned!

What are Bundles?

Bundles are a basket of stocks based on different strategies and themes. For example, the Cash Cow bundle shows the companies that generate huge cash in their books. It is, again, just based on the quantitative factors of the company and is not investment advice or small cases.

How to add ratios in the Ticker Dashboard?

Step 1- Kindly login to your account.

Step 2- Search for the company in the search bar.

Step 3 - Select the ratios from the dropdown menu under “Company Essentials”.

Step 4- Finally, click on the plus “+” symbol.

How many ratios can you add in the Ticker Dashboard at once?

You can add one ratio at a time. However, there is no limit to adding ratios, and one can add as many ratios as one desires. 

How to delete the ratio that I have added?

Step 1- Click on the “edit” option under ‘Your Added Ratios’.


Step 2 - Click on the “cross button” for the ratio which you want to delete.

And, you're done!

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a virtual platform provided to our patrons to track the movement of their investments. The portfolio provides all-round information about the stocks held by them and tracks overall returns.

Disclaimer- The above image is for sample purpose, and this is no way a recommendation from our end.

What information can I see on the Portfolio page?

You can see the value of your holdings, gain/loss percentage, allocation of your holdings sector and market cap-wise, max gainer and max loser stock; in short, the summary of your entire portfolio on Ticker.

Apart from that, Ticker Plus has many additional features including a style box, which can give you information about your personal investing style.

How can I add stocks to my Portfolio?

In order to add stocks to your portfolio, kindly follow these steps-

Step 1- Search for the company you want to add.

Step 2- Click on the "eye" button in the company page located at the top right corner.

Step 3- Tick the checkbox for the portfolio, mention the date and quantity of your purchase.

Step 4- Click on "Add".

You have successfully added that stock in your portfolio.

How can I delete the stock from my portfolio?

Step 1- VisitTicker

Step 2- Click on the account section and click on “Portfolio”

Step 3- Click on the “Edit” symbol and then click on “Delete”

You have successfully deleted the stock from your portfolio.

How many stocks can I add to my portfolio?

One can add up to 20 stocks in their portfolio on Ticker and up to 50 stocks on Ticker Plus.

What happens to my portfolio after my subscription ends?

Once the subscription ends, you will not be able to access premium features like style box and portfolio insight. Also, you will not be able to track the performance of your stock holdings beyond 20 stocks.

What are the features in the watchlist?

After adding the stock in the watchlist, you will get updates about the company like bulk deal, block deal, BSE announcements, investor presentations, concall, annual reports, 52 week high/ low, and a company's credit report.

How many stocks can I add to my watchlist?

One can add up to 30 stocks in the watchlist on Ticker and up to 100 stocks on Ticker Plus.

How can I add stocks to my watchlist?

Step 1- Search for the company which you want to add.

Step 2- Click on the "eye" button in the company page located at the top right corner.

Step 3- Tick the checkbox for watchlist.

Step 4- Click on “Add

Voila! You’ve successfully added stocks to your watchlist.

How can I delete the stock from my watchlist?

Step 1- VisitTicker

Step 2- Click on the account section and click on “Watchlist”

Step 3- Under the Action section, click on “Delete”


You have successfully deleted the stock from your Watchlist.

What is the use of Watchlist and Portfolio on Ticker?

Watchlist will assist you to simplify and track the stocks you want to watch or buy in the future. It only includes parameters that will help you monitor the share prices.

Portfolio will keep you on track to check the average buy of your portfolio and accordingly show gain/loss statements based on the stocks' daily closing price. 

Why is limited information available about few companies?

If a particular company has not been trading for the last few months or years, any recent or latest data about it might not be available on Ticker. Also, when a company lists from IPO, the data present is limited because the company files its quarterly data or shareholding data in the upcoming quarter to exchanges, so it might not be available on Ticker.

Why are there no technical charts of the company?

Our platform is for retail investors who want to do a fundamental analysis of the company. Therefore, we have not added any charts or technicals in Ticker.

Why do the Banking sector companies not have a DCF Calculator?

DCF calculator is helpful for companies that have been consistently generating free cash flows and investing in growing their business. Banking companies' operations consist of taking deposits and lending money. So valuing them based on free cash flow is not advisable and might show a wrong picture.

IPO companies have less data or outdated data. Why?

We source data from the annual/quarterly reports of the companies. The IPO companies are not yet listed in the market and thus, have not filed their reports to the exchanges. This is the reason limited data is available for IPO companies.

Why is there a difference in Ticker data and other websites?

The difference usually occurs because one might compare the consolidated data on Ticker with the standalone data in other websites or vice versa. Kindly switch to the same mode on both websites to compare the data.

Where can I view my added stocks?

To view your added stocks, click on the "Profile" section.

If you would like to view your added stocks in the watchlist, kindly click on ‘Watchlist’ from the dropdown menu.

If you would like to view your added stocks in the Portfolio, kindly click on ‘Portfolio’ from the dropdown menu.

What is Live Index Tracker?

It helps an investor to keep an eye on the index's movement and gives a broad idea of where it is heading. For example, if the index is in Red, it indicates that the market is falling.


What are Market Movers?

When you scroll down on Ticker’s home page, you’ll come across Market Movers. They assist you in finding out the market gainers, losers, 52-week high, and 52-week low of the day. You can also click on the ‘View all’ button, which will further lead you to the entire list.


What is Curated News?

Curated News provides you with day-to-day news related to the economy, corporate sector, as well as the market. Clicking on the news headline will tell you more details about it.


1) Economy News updates the daily news related to any economic events or policies.
2) Corporate News updates the daily news related to specific companies.
3) Market Pulse provides daily news related to the market and gives regular updates on its movements.

How to switch data from Standalone to Consolidated?

On the company page, there is a switch on the top left corner. You can click on it to convert all data into ‘Consolidated’ mode.

When to watch standalone or consolidated data?

Standalone results represent the company's performance as a single entity without considering the performance of its subsidiaries or holding companies.

Consolidated financial statements show the company's financial position along with its subsidiary companies, associate companies, and joint ventures.

How can I add stocks from the Watchlist to the Portfolio?

Step 1- Click on the ‘Profile’ section and then click on “Watchlist” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2-  On the action column, click on the menu and then choose ‘Add to Portfolio’ from the dropdown menu.


And voila! You have successfully added the stock to your portfolio!

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