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Finology One

What is Finology?

Finology is a new-age fintech company, established to empower the common investors. With our unbiased and in-depth approach, we work towards making investing simple and rewarding for everyone. Finology is your Personal Finance Coach that helps you to Save More, Earn More and Invest Intelligently. 

What is Finology One?

Finology ONE is a subscription-based basket of four premium services (Recipe, Quest, Ticker and Insider) under a single plan of Rs. 999/- per month and at a 50% discount of Rs. 5994/- per year. 

What does Finology One offer?

Finology One is a subscription platform that offers complete and hassle-free access to: 


Ticker- Finology’s premium stock screening tool that includes premium bundles, powerful valuation calculators, smart portfolio monitoring with an option to add more than 50 stocks, and advanced analytical tools. 


Quest- Finology’s content-rich financial learning platform, which includes 45+ premium courses and certifications, with new courses added every month, and other valuable resources like downloadable notes, flashcards, etc.


Recipe-   Finology’s DIY Financial planning tool that includes 50+ stock reports in a year, Goal planning and premium Investment insights to supercharge your financial journey.


Insider- Finology's quirky financial journalism platform that is the new-age source of uncensored information, real thoughts and real opinions. Insider tells you stories that other platforms scare away from.

What is the difference between Finology and Finology One?

Finology is a one-stop destination for all your investing needs, which includes free tools, with certain limitations. Finology One is a subscription-based premium collection of expert-crafted tools that have been developed to ease your complete investing journey. You can visit Finology One for a more detailed comparison. 

What is the price of Finology One? Is it GST inclusive?

Finology ONE is a subscription based platform which can be accessed with a subscription plan of Rs 999/- per month or just Rs.5994/- per annum. Both the amounts are inclusive of GST.

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What is your investment philosophy?

We recommend any financial instrument only if it passes our in-house deep scan test, wherein we check if the company has the following characteristics-

D- Discount to intrinsic value (Reasonable Valuations)
E- Efficiency of business operations (Cost Advantage)
E- Ethical Conduct
P- Pricing Power (Strong Moat)
S- Scalability (Visibility of earnings growth)
C- Competitive Landscape (Industry Projections)
A- Appropriate Safety Net (Risk Mitigation)
N- No Biases (Behavioral Safeguard)

Who selects the stocks and other financial products that are researched for reports?

Finology Ventures Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered investment advisor. Our qualified experts are actively involved in the stock-picking & filtration process.

What do we get in Chef's Special?

Chef’s special is a comprehensive research platform designed to help you achieve your long term goals. It provides you with quality and unbiased reports on different investment instruments such as:
1. Stocks
2. Mutual Funds
3. Insurance
4. NPS
5. Fixed Deposit
6. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)

How can I change my Financial inputs?

There is an “Edit” button after every tool through which you can update your inputs.

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How does Quest work?

As a Finology subscriber, you will have access to our expertly crafted courses that you can watch/read at your own pace. Quest has a set of uniquely designed learning paths, called Race Track, that will give you a clear direction of which course you can start with. Based on your requirements, you can choose the Race Track that fits you the best. You can sign in to your Finology account to watch the free course. To watch all the courses displayed on your Race Track, you must have to subscribe to Finology One.

What does Quest provide, and how will that help me?

Quest offers courses on financial & investing concepts that are well-researched and explained in the simplest way. You can choose what you want to learn depending on your attention span.

To give you the best learning experience, every course has downloadable notes, flashcards to help you revise concepts, and assessments to test your knowledge. 

What is Sprint by Quest?

Sprint refers to the short duration courses listed on Quest. These bite-sized courses are up to 30 minutes long and are made to provide learning on the go.

What is Marathon by Quest?

Marathon refers to the long courses which are specially designed to strengthen your fundamentals. They consist of written content as well as video lectures for better understanding.

How do I know which course in Quest is suitable for me?

We’ve built a personalized recommendation tool on the Homepage to get course recommendations by answering just two questions. Also, Race Track will help you get the correct sequence of courses based on what you want to learn.

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What is Ticker?

Ticker by Finology is an equity research and company analysis tool. Analyzing stocks is a serious affair, and with Ticker, you get a one-stop destination for cutting-edge stock research. You get every information about stocks in Ticker making it Investing ka search engine. To know more, please visit here.

Where does Ticker source its financial data from?

Ticker sources its data from Accord Fintech services.

How frequently is the live data updated?

Ticker is quick! All data in relation to the corporate actions, annual reports, and shareholders' meetings are updated within just 15 minutes of the event.

Is Ticker useful for Intraday trading?

The Price data available in Ticker are delayed by 15 minutes. Thus, Ticker may not be ideal for intraday trading.

When is annual data updated in Ticker?

We take annual data from the annual reports of companies and not from the unaudited results present in the company's quarterly reports. This may cause a delay in updating annual results, but the data is 100% correct in these cases.

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What is Insider?

Insider is your no-nonsense source of all information on Finance. The brashest member of the Finology family, Insider isn't afraid to say what others won't tell you. Merging Journalism with Finance, Insider brings you uncensored information, real thoughts and real opinions. What this means is that Insider will unearth crazy tactics, nasty tricks, and managerial misconduct, like, well... an Insider!

Do you have a free trial?

Insider offers free as well as premium articles. There is no free trial for Elite articles, but we do have more than 1500 free articles to give you a taste of what the platform offers. And believe us, you, what Elite offers is definitely better than our free offering!

What is Chatterbox?

Whether it’s a good book or a brilliant article by Insider, you would not want to reach for a dictionary or a new tab whenever a difficult word pops up, would you? This is why we have created the Chatterbox for your informational convenience! Every Chatterbox has a little mark next to it. Hover over the word and find a little hidden information to help you on your reading journey.

What is "Explore" feature?

Insider has over 1500 articles for you to read! We pride ourselves on this near-encyclopedic collection of knowledge, but it can be a bit overwhelming to try and take it all in. Pace yourself with Explore. Pick up to 10 topics that interest you the most, and Insider will curate a custom feed for you containing all the articles we have to offer on that topic. It's like having a personal bookshelf inside a library!

What are Bookmarks?

Whether it's for research or you just fell in love with our writing, being able to come back to certain articles to re-read them sure would be convenient. Whenever you come across such an article, just click the little bookmark icon near the article, and voila! You've got a secret stache ready to present you with articles to resume reading, or read again just for the fun of it!

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What is Select? What does it provide?

Select is a broker and credit card comparison platform. It provides detailed review and comparison measures to help investors and credit card users make informed decisions before choosing a broker or credit card.


It provides unbiased reviews, articles on brokers and credit cards, and updated news to keep you updated with the world of investing and personal spending. You can also explore the features of the brokers and credit cards to find the best platform and card according to your needs.

What are the rewards offered for opening a Demat account?

Open a Demat account at Select by Finology, and relish these products for 1-month-

Ticker: Get access to the smartest stock screener bunched with premium stock bundles & valuation calculators. 

Quest: Level up your investing concepts with 5 courses on India's coolest platform of financial learning. 


How to find the best broker?

Step 1- Visit Select by Finology

Step 2- Click on ‘Find
Step 3- Use quick 30 seconds wizard
Step 4- Answer 8 simple Yes/No type questions

Hurray! You now have a broker that matches your needs.

What is a 3-in-one account?

A 3-in-1 account is a combination of accounts that make transactions smoother, easier and convenient among the linked accounts. The 3-in-1 account consists of:


  1. Bank Account

  2. Demat Account

  3. Trading Account

What are call & trade charges?

The charges which are levied by placing an order directly through the dealing desk are referred to as call and trade charges.

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