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Finology One

What is Finology?

Finology is a new-age fintech company, established to empower the common investors. With our unbiased and in-depth approach, we work towards making investing simple and rewarding for everyone. Finology is your Personal Finance Coach that helps you to Save More, Earn More and Invest Intelligently. 

What is Finology One?

Finology One is a subscription that offers three premium services (Recipe, Quest, Ticker) under one plan of Rs. 499 per month.

What does Finology one offer?

Finology One is a subscription platform that offers complete and hassle-free access to: 


TickerPlus- Finology’s premium stock screening tool that includes premium bundles, powerful valuation calculators, smart portfolio monitoring with an option to add more than 50 stocks, and advanced analytical tools. 


Quest- Finology’s content-rich financial learning platform, which includes 25+ premium courses and certifications, with new courses added every month, and other valuable resources like downloadable notes, flashcards, etc.


Recipe-  Finology’s DIY Financial planning tool that includes 15+ stock ideas, a balanced mutual fund portfolio, investment insights, and asset allocation recipe to supercharge your financial journey.

What is the difference between Finology and Finology One?

Finology is a one-stop destination for all your investing needs, which includes free tools, with certain limitations. Finology One is a subscription-based premium collection of expert-crafted tools that have been developed to ease your complete investing journey. You can visit Finology One for a more detailed comparison. 

What is the price of Finology One? Is it GST inclusive?

Finology One is a subscription based platform which can be accessed with a subscription of only Rs 499 per month. The amount is exclusive of GST.

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What is Recipe?

Recipe is an integrated financial planner that aims to empower & turn every investor into a smart investor through its intelligent tools and solid recommendations. 

What is Self-service by Recipe?

Self-service by Recipe is your DIY (Do it yourself) Financial Planner that helps you build and manage your finances on your own. It offers various tools and resources that assist your investment decision-making process in every aspect of your life like retirement planning, buying insurance coverage or retiring your debt.

How can I create my Recipe account?

Just choose Sign In Option from the Top right Menu. Then create and verify your Account by entering your Mobile number, Name, and Email address. Your account is ready to serve you the perfect financial recipe!

How can I get my Perfect Financial Recipe?

Making your perfect financial recipe is very easy. You just need to follow a few steps.  

  • Analyse Your Financial position:- 
    Evaluate your spendings, savings, borrowings & investments and determine your current financial situation by Prosperity Ingredients Tool.

  • Know your personality:-
    Identify your personality traits and get an investment portfolio that matches through Financial Appetite Test.

  • Build Your Goals:-
    Turn all your goals into reality with the action plans by adding all your goals on Goal Planner.

  • Get your 360* recipe:-
    Check your Financial X-ray Report to know what's exactly wrong with your finances and get clever steps to boost your net worth.

  • Invest with our Stock Recommendation:-
    Get actionable stock recommendations and execute your curated investment strategy based on your results

Do I need to pay for using the Recipe Platform?

The platform Recipe is free to use but for accessing the stocks and mutual fund recommendations you need to subscribe to “Finology one”.

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What is Quest?

Quest is your ticket to financial freedom. It is a learning platform by Finology that offers you a variety of courses related to finance and investing. After subscribing to Finology One, you can watch or read any course. Quest will make you financially aware and will show you a path towards wealth creation. 

What does Quest offer?

With Quest, you get access to well-researched and thoroughly explained courses on finance and investing. For a first-rate learning experience, every course provides downloadable notes, flashcards for revising your concepts, and assessments to test your knowledge. 

Do I need to pay for each course?

Nope! You do not need to pay for each course. Just subscribe to Finology One, and get full access to all the courses and other unique resources on the website.

Why do I need to learn from Quest?

Amidst the city life and routine desk jobs, most people forget to learn the most underrated life skill of money management and financial awareness. Ah! If only being financially literate were a choice. Worry not! Quest fills this gap for you by making financial education not only easy but also affordable. 

How can I cancel my subscription?

We do not want you to go! Yet if you wish to cancel your subscription, you can visit the Subscription section from the dashboard and cancel your subscription.

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What is Ticker?

Ticker by Finology is an equity research and company analysis tool. Analyzing stocks is a serious affair, and with Ticker, you get a one-stop destination for cutting-edge stock research. You get every information about stocks in Ticker making it Investing ka search engine. To know more, please visit here.

Where does Ticker source its financial data from?

Ticker sources its data from Accord Fintech services.

How frequently is the live data updated?

Ticker is quick! All data in relation to the corporate actions, annual reports, and shareholders' meetings are updated within just 15 minutes of the event.

Is Ticker useful for Intraday trading?

The Price data available in Ticker are delayed by 15 minutes. Thus, Ticker may not be ideal for intraday trading.

When is annual data updated in Ticker?

We take annual data from the annual reports of companies and not from the unaudited results present in the company's quarterly reports. This may cause a delay in updating annual results, but the data is 100% correct in these cases.

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What is Select? What does it provide?

Select by Finology is an online broker comparison platform, which aims to make sure that you get the #AchhiShuruat of your investing journey. It does this by helping you open a Demat account with your ideal broker, based on your requirements. Here, a user can check important details like-

  • Smart assistance in opening a Demat account
  • Compare more than 2 brokers at the same time
  • Finology ratings
  • Holistic customer review
  • Pros and cons


You don't just get assisted with opening your ideal investment account, you get rewarded as well! To know more click here

What are the rewards offered for opening a Demat account?

Open a Demat account at Select by Finology, and relish these products for 1-month-

Ticker Plus: Get access to the smartest stock screener bunched with premium stock bundles & valuation calculators. 

Quest: Level up your investing concepts with 10 Sprint courses on India's coolest platform of financial learning. 


Recipe: Get access to various tools and resources that will independently assist you with financial planning and investment decision-making.


Do you offer cash rewards for opening a Demat account?

We do not provide cash rewards for opening a Demat account. Instead, we offer rewards that are worth Rs. 1000 for opening a Demat account through Finology.

How to find the best broker?

Step 1- Visit Select by Finology

Step 2- Click on ‘Find
Step 3- Use quick 30 seconds wizard
Step 4- Answer 8 simple Yes/No type questions

Hurray! You now have a broker that matches your needs.

What is a 3-in-one account?

A 3-in-1 account is a combination of accounts that make transactions smoother, easier and convenient among the linked accounts. The 3-in-1 account consists of:


  1. Bank Account

  2. Demat Account

  3. Trading Account

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